These Veteran IRS Agents Just Became Hunter Biden’s Worst Nightmare

(Liberty Bell) – A recent report from The Washington Times revealed that two veteran agents with the Internal Revenue Service, Gary Shapley, along with an individual who has only been identified as “Mr. X,” have given testimony before Congress concerning their probes into President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden and the many alleged tax law infractions he’s committed.

Michael Schwarz, writing for The Western Journal stated that on one particular occasion, the accountants for Biden were so suspicious of their client’s honesty that they actually insisted that he put his signature on a representation letter that affirmed he was being accurate in reporting his income and deductions. They could tell Biden was lying. That speaks volumes.

“I’ve never seen that in my career,” Mr. X asserted while giving testimony before the House Ways and Means Committee.

The depth of Hunter Biden’s lying has kept agents very, very busy. Both agents who testified under oath before Congress divulged that they have been looking into the president’s son for years now.

The piece from The Washington Times contained a number of excerpts from testimony Shapley and Mr. X provided.  Details include payments made to prostitutes that the younger son of Joe Biden wrote off as expenses. Yes, you read that correctly. Hunter Biden tried to write off buying hookers as a business expense so he could get a tax deduction.

“Some ended up being his girlfriends. So they all kind of morphed and changed. So I want to be accurate in how I represent them. But there were a lot of females that I believe he was having sexual relationships with that I ended up interviewing,” Mr. X remarked.

“Shapley and Mr. X testified to having interviewed 60 witnesses in all, including a sex club owner who confirmed that Biden paid him $10,000, which Biden then wrote off as a golf-club membership,” Schwarz penned in the article.

“The agents also had access to Biden’s now-infamous laptop, as well as the WhatsApp message made public last week, in which Biden threatened his Chinese business partners, demanded payment, and informed them that his father was in the room with him,” The Western Journal said.

The attorney representing Mr. X and a former tax counsel for the leading Republican who sits on the Senate Finance Committee, pointed out how unusual the nature of the combined testimony was.

“We never had anyone of this stature coming forward from the IRS to speak to us about problems,” Zerbe explained. “That alone sets these guys apart.”

Schwarz then states there are two critically important parts of this story.

The first one is that the testimony from the two agents peels back another layer of the disguise Hunter Biden has worn throughout the years so that we can see him for who he truly is.

“Biden’s dissipated lifestyle resembles classic aristocratic debauchery. He is the corrupt son of a corrupt father, meandering through a purposeless life in an endless quest to satisfy his momentary appetites,” Schwarz declared. The second, way more important part of the story is how Hunter has lived a wicked lifestyle seemingly devoid of accountability to the law.

The legal troubles plaguing the first son, which includes tax evasion charges and a gun charge, have led to many other individuals spending a significant amount of time in prison. But not Hunter Biden. No, he was given the opportunity to make a sweetheart deal that resulted in his only having to be sober for two years in exchange for a guilty plea. The gun charge, a felony, will not even be noted on his record.

Sure, as of now, a federal judge still has to approve the deal, but let’s be honest. It’s going to be given the A-Okay. We are truly living in a society with a two-tiered system of justice.

However, thanks to these two agents being bold enough to provide testimony, the elite progressives might have a much harder time shielding their ilk from the consequences of their actions.

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