Newsom Begs Public To Help Design New CA Coin, Instantly Regrets It

(Liberty Bell) – California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom took to social media platform X, asking followers, along with those in the general public, to help submit designs for a state coin. The internet absolutely did not disappoint. I mean, what in the world was this guy thinking? How did Newsom fail to see this going south from the get-go? Not even making a reference to mega pop sensation Taylor Swift helped him.

“The coin is to be part of a U.S. Mint series that salutes innovation in each of the 50 states. It’s the kind of idea that can generate a lot of positive reaction,” The Western Journal said. “But Newsom probably didn’t love the response. The Democrat quickly got hundreds of designs in his comments featuring different negative aspects of the Golden State.”

A lot of the responses contained designs that pointed out the massive homeless crisis currently ongoing in many of the state’s urban areas, featuring both tents and debris on the coins. Truth hurts, doesn’t it, Governor?

“Others submitted designs that highlighted the ongoing problems San Francisco faces of human fecal matter being seen on city streets,” the report added.

Some took a shot at the ridiculously high gas prices California is known for, along with mentioning the fact that there has been a mass exodus of residents from the state in recent years.

“My personal favorite was a user who submitted a President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping coin, mocking Biden, Newsom and the effort to clean up San Francisco for a Biden meeting with the Chinese dictator all at once,” the author of the WJ article wrote.

Of course, we know that Newsom and his people are just desperately attempting to make themselves relevant on the political scene and getting people involved in the project to make them feel as if they are participating in his administration — this translates to votes for the Democratic Party at both the state and federal level — but in reality, this kind of strategy is only truly beneficial if your party and administration are actually doing a good job. Newsom’s is most certainly failing, which is obvious by how many people no longer want to live in California.

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