Report: FBI Corroborated Biden Bribery Claims, Told Delaware U.S. Attorney

(Liberty Bell) – The plot surrounding the whole influence peddling/bribery scheme featuring Hunter Biden and possibly President Joe “The Big Guy” Biden continues to develop more twists and turns as time moves forward. It’s like what would happen if filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan teamed up with Christopher Nolan to adapt a John Grisham thriller. It’s convoluted and shocking.

The latest development comes from a report by Margot Cleveland, published by The Federalist, which revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Pittsburgh office gave a briefing to the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office concerning evidence that implicated the Biden family in a bribery scheme. When the agents spoke with the team in Delaware they had already put in the work to corroborate several claims made by confidential human sources, according to a person who is familiar with the briefing.

“On Thursday, Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, released the FD-1023 summary of a confidential human source’s reporting that the Ukrainian oil and gas company Burisma paid Hunter and Joe Biden each $5 million in bribes so the then-Vice President would ‘protect’ Burisma ‘from all kinds of problems.’ Those bribes were in addition to the more than $4 million in total paid to Hunter Biden and his business partner Devon Archer for sitting on Burisma’s board of directors,” Cleveland wrote.

They continued, “The Federalist has now learned that the Pittsburgh FBI office had corroborated several details contained in the FD-1023 as part of the intake process that former Attorney General William Barr established before the election under the leadership of the Western District of Pennsylvania’s then-U.S. Attorney Scott Brady. Significantly, in briefing the Delaware U.S. attorney on the results of their office’s screening of evidence related to Ukraine, the Pittsburgh FBI agents told the Delaware office they had corroborated multiple facts included in the FD-1023, an individual with knowledge of the briefing told The Federalist.”

Not long after the interview with the CHS in the later part of June 2020, the Pittsburgh FBI office got their hands on a set of travel records for the agency and then confirmed the CHS had taken a trip to various locales that were mentioned in the FD-1023 form during the relevant period of time. The trips included one for 2015 or early 2016 to Kiev, Ukraine, another a few months later to Vienna, Austria, and an excursion to London in 2019.

The Federalist reported previously during the FBI’s briefing of the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office that agents within the Pittsburgh office remarked that the FD-1023 had some credibility, which meant it was worth looking into further. The individual familiar with the briefing has now confirmed the agents also told the office that the FBI in Pittsburgh corroborated the CHS’s presence in the various cities noted at the times claimed.

“The Federalist has also learned that the CHS’s handler corroborated the CHS’s claim that he had met with Oleksandr Ostapenko. According to the source with knowledge of the matter, the CHS’s handler told Pittsburgh’s FBI agents that the CHS told his handler he had an upcoming meeting with Ostapenko. The CHS’s contemporaneous claim of the planned rendezvous with Ostapenko tracked the timing of one of the visits the CHS claimed in the FD-1023 to have had with Ostapenko,” Cleveland penned for The Federalist. “Significantly, the Pittsburgh office briefed the Delaware office on that piece of corroborating evidence that came from the CHS’s handler.”

Cleveland then observes that open-source reporting concerning Burisma buying an interest in an oil and gas company located in North America also perfectly aligned with talks the CHS relayed back to the FBI, which is summaried in the FD-1023 document, the individual familiar with the briefing said to The Federalist.

“That the Pittsburgh FBI office not only provided the Delaware office with a summary of the damning FD-1023 and its conclusion that it bore indicia of credibility but also identified several pieces of corroborating evidence is huge because, to date, it appears the Delaware office did nothing to investigate the allegations contained in the FD-1023,” she added.

Barr pointed out previously that the role of the FBI office in Pittsburgh was restricted to providing a “clearing-house function” for information that was connected to Ukraine in order to sift out “any potential disinformation.” He then stressed that the whole idea behind the intake process was “check[] out the source and credibility of evidence before assigning it to one of the ongoing investigations already pending in the Department,” like the Delaware investigation into President Joe Biden’s troubled younger son, Hunter.

“As such, the Pittsburgh office lacked the authority to subpoena witnesses or records or to use grand jury proceedings to further corroborate the FD-1023. That responsibility fell with the Delaware office,” The Federalist reported. “But not only did the Delaware office apparently ignore the allegations contained in the FD-1023, as well as the corroborating evidence already allegedly accumulated by the Pittsburgh FBI office, but U.S. Attorney David Weiss’s office allegedly secreted the very existence of the FD-1023 from the whistleblowers. Both IRS whistleblowers testified last week that they did not even learn of the existence of the FD-1023 until Barr publicly confirmed he had sent the information to Delaware for further investigation.”

Cleveland went on to explain that even with these particular circumstances, if the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office were to come forward and declare it did indeed investigate the FD-1023, the late claim would basically mean nothing due to the fact that those with the know-how and information to conduct a probe into the complex international money laundering, bribery, and tax fraud scheme were removed from the process and prevented from interviewing necessary witnesses.

“The Delaware office remains mum, however, not even pretending to have investigated the FD-1023’s allegations. That failure is even more scandalous now that we know Pittsburgh had already corroborated several aspects of the CHS’s reporting and briefed Weiss’s office on the corroborating evidence,” the author stated.

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