Photos Appear To Show Hunter Biden Committing Crimes On Camera

(Liberty Bell) – We are learning more and more details about just how corrupt and twisted President Joe Biden’s son truly is. New photos have been released from the now infamous laptop that show Hunter Biden driving at insanely fast speeds while on his way for a rendezvous with a group of Las Vegas prostitutes. A second photograph shows him driving through a residential neighborhood while smoking crack.

Man, what a class act, right? I’m sure the president must be proud.

“He was racing his Porsche 911 to Sin City on August 1, 2018 for an encounter with multiple prostitutes when he took a snap of his dashboard showing how fast he was speeding. The picture was found on the First Son’s abandoned laptop,” Josh Boswell of the Daily Mail reported.

Guess how fast Hunter Biden was driving when he was on his way to meet up with ladies of the night? Try 172 mph. The evidence demonstrating that the first son is an absolute vile train wreck of a human being with no regard whatsoever for the law continues to mount. And yet, thanks to living in a country with a two-tiered system of justice, he does not have to worry about facing any sort of real consequences for his actions. If you or I were busted doing even a fraction of what Hunter Biden has done, we’d be handed life sentences for being menaces to society.

“Texts also on the computer, which he left at a Delaware repair shop, show him coordinating with multiple prostitutes and inviting them all to soak in his hotel hot tub,” Boswell said.

“‘I don’t have a bathing suit and I really really wanted to wear a cute bathing suit,’ disclosed one woman, saved in Hunter’s contacts book as ‘Cheryl’. ‘But I don’t have any money to buy one so then I’m just going to have to be naked right?'” the text reads.

The first word that pops into my mind whenever I hear Hunter’s name or see his picture is “sleazy.” These new photos and messages fully support that label being applied to him.

And things get much more disgusting from there. Boswell explains that the group sexual activities were even too much for one of the hookers, who wrote to Hunter Biden saying, “Honestly babe the problem is you have too many girls there. I understand you like a lot of girls.”

She then added, “That’s fine do one at a time.”

Guys, this man is a father. He has a four-year-old daughter, whose existence he basically denies, who is going to grow up one day and find out what kind of “man” her father is and will no doubt be filled with shame. But Hunter does not seem to care about any of that, only being concerned with fulfilling his own desires.

“The trip appears to be during the same fateful weeks-long Vegas bender he was later caught on camera describing to a prostitute how Russian drug dealers stole one of his laptops and left him for dead in the hot tub. After filming himself having sex with a hooker using his laptop in January 2019, Hunter left the camera rolling as he recounted a Vegas bender in which he spent 18 days going round from penthouse suite to penthouse suite, sometimes costing $10,000 a night,” Boswell reported.

The story published by the Daily Mail then explains, “A photo dated June 12, 2018 shows him going 35mph down Old Dominion Drive, near Washington Golf and Country Club in Arlington, Virginia, in his new Ford Raptor truck while holding a blackened crack pipe in his hand. He had been due to fly to Los Angeles the day before. Among his emails is a $1,048.37 United Airlines flight leaving from Washington Dulles Airport on June 11. But he missed the flight and instead drove to the airport late on the evening of the 12th.”

The president’s troubled son has confessed to driving and ultimately crashing while under the influence of drugs back in 2016 in his 2021 memoir. He revealed he was high for a whopping 12 straight days before finally checking into a rehab facility in Arizona, which was only one of several expensive stays at such clinics. Some of these stays were paid for by his dad.

In the same book, Beautiful Things, despite wrecking his vehicle in Arizona, he rented a car in order to continue the trip, staying awake by smoking crack and cigarettes as he drove all night. This guy really does not care about the safety of others.

“At some point, the crack lost its oomph, but I kept lighting up anyway, out of force of habit. Sometimes I just slapped myself in the face,” Biden declared.

Hunter Biden, at some point, left the vehicle he rented abandoned just outside of the rental office located in Prescott, Arizona with its keys in the gas cap, after receiving a call the following day from a person named “Joseph McGee,” alerting Hertz to the presence of the car.

Guess what the staff found inside? Biden’s phone, drivers license, credit cards, the Delaware Attorney General badge of his brother Beau, white powder, and drug paraphernalia.

Again, what a class act this man is.

If Joe Biden can’t even raise a child correctly, why has he been entrusted with leading an entire country?

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