MUST SEE VIDEO: President Trump Walks Into UFC 290 And The Crowd Goes Wild

(Liberty Bell) – Former President Donald Trump made an appearance at UFC 290 in Las Vegas over the weekend, rubbing shoulders with a number of influential celebrities, a few of which have a reputation for not being in lockstep with the current corporate media narratives being shoved down the throats of the American people. As you can probably guess, this made a lot of liberals very, very angry, but the crowd during the event had a completely different reaction.

“Following a campaign event at Fervent – A Calvary Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada, the president stood side-by-side with UFC President Dana White as the duo entered T-Mobile Arena to raucous cheers from the UFC 290 crowd,” Kevin Haggerty wrote for BizPac Review. “Trump[s] ongoing support for fighting sports was juxtaposed by commentators with White’s own support for the former president, in addition to the mixed martial arts company’s decision to remain active while other sports shut down for COVID.”

One of the celebrities who was spotted having a conversation with both Trump and his longtime ally, Roger Stone, was Academy Award winning actor Mel Gibson, a man who has become notorious for not falling in line with the progressive agenda in Hollywood. Stone posted images of the encounter on Twitter with the caption, “Shooting the sh*t with @realDonaldTrump and #MelGibson at the UFC fight in Vegas.”

“Gibson, who had been spotted saluting the former president at another event, was far from the only fight fan to come up and be seen associating with Trump despite his facing perceived political persecution from the Justice Department,” Haggerty stated.

Another big name actor outspoken about his Christian faith, Mark Wahlberg, who recently worked with Mel Gibson on “Father Stu,” was spotted ringside saying something into Trump’s ear before stepping away from him, shaking his hand, and moving somewhere else.

Haggerty then noted an encounter Trump had with world famous podcaster Joe Rogan, saying, “Far more openly documented greeting Trump was podcaster Joe Rogan who heartily shook hands at length as smiles were exchanged ringside sparking a flurry of rumors that the 2024 Republican candidate could soon make an appearance on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience.'”

After going on to defeat Robert Whitaker in a middleweight division fight, Dricus Du Plessis hopped out of the octagon to greet both Trump and White, which earned massive cheers from the crowd attending the event.

“Despite the numerous celebrities showing favor for the president, merely being seen with the man continued to rankle progressives as demonstrated by comments directed at Food Network star Guy Fieri for briefly yucking it up with the onetime commander in chief,” BPR’s article said.

“Well this is disappointing,” one user remarked in a caption for images of Fieri with Trump. “I liked Guy Fieri but what this tells me about who he is on a personal level and his ethics and morals really bothers me Why would he be caught talking & smiling with trump? That’s horrible Ewww.”

This sort of reaction is why people truly believe that Trump Derangement Syndrome is a legitimate mental disorder. Individuals like this are just out of their minds with hatred for the former president, though none of them can ever really articulate exactly why. Sure, they can regurgitate leftist media talking points, but if you ask them to cite evidence of any sort to back up their claims, they simply cannot do it.

“Why are people unhinged because Guy Fieri shook hands with President Trump. It speaks more to their character than it does his.” one person pointed out.

Trump has proven time and again that he can relate and connect with the common man — and woman — which is why his appeal with blue collar Americans — those who make up the backbone of the nation — is so high. Despite being a billionaire, he’s found a way to show the average person he cares about them. How has he done that? Authenticity. He’s an authentic, normal human being. His money has not made him out of touch with normal folk scraping to get by. And that gives him massive appeal.

The left has failed to connect with Americans in practically every way, and the proof they are so out of touch comes from the fact that seeing Trump make connections with regular Americans leaves them baffled.

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