Megyn Kelly TORCHES Biden And ‘The View’ Host Over State Dinner Invite

(Liberty Bell) – Former Fox News host and current independent journalist and podcaster Megyn Kelly went absolutely savage on President Joe Biden for having his extremely troubled son, Hunter Biden, attend a State dinner last week, while simultaneously blasting away at Ana Navarro, co-host of “The View,” for her “ridiculous” defense of the president for taking that course of action.

I love it when Megyn Kelly gets fired up.

According to Terresa Monroe-Hamilton of BizPac Review, “On Tuesday, Kelly sat down with the hosts of the Ruthless podcast which included ‘Comfortably Smug,’ Josh Holmes, Michael Duncan, and John Ashbrook. They discussed the fallout over Hunter Biden’s arrogant attendance at the dinner and Navarro’s sycophantic defense of the president for having him there.”

During an episode of “The View” last Friday, Navarro tried to paint Joe Biden as a wonderful, caring dad, going on to totally ignore all of the potential criminal activity of both the wayward son and his father, our commander-in-chief. She gushed that the president inviting Hunter to the State dinner “just shows his love for his son.” Kelly played the clip during her own program.

What’s even more gag-inducing is that Navarro got teary-eyed in the clip while talking about President Biden’s relationship with his son.

“The Hunter Biden story, the scandal, the this, the that — it’s also the story of a father’s love, and Joe Biden has never and will never give up on his son Hunter, and will never treat him lesser than,” she proclaimed.

“He is a father first; take it or leave it. That’s who he is, that is part of his heart,” Navarro blubbered. “There was 380 people at this dinner. It’s not like Hunter was sitting at Merrick Garland’s lap. It was a bunch of people… and I think that the reason he’s been able to get out of addiction is because Joe Biden embraced him entirely the entire time.”

This did not sit well with Kelly, who was agitated by the dramatics of Navarro’s segment and her pro-Biden propaganda.

“You can love your child and still recognize it would be inappropriate, given the circumstances, to bring him to something that is not your private party,” Kelly went off.

“It’s not your private party, Joe Biden,” Kelly zinged, criticizing the president. “It’s our party. It’s the United States. It’s America, and Hunter Biden should not have been there!” The dinner event in question was held last week at the White House to honor India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

During Kelly’s podcast Duncan made a most excellent comparison worthy of sharing here. He said that Biden inviting his troubled son to a State dinner would be like former President Bill Clinton bringing Monica Lewinsky to a similar event, which cracked up Kelly and the rest of the panel.

“This isn’t about hypocrisy… it’s hierarchy… They’re laughing in our faces,” Duncan asserted.

“This is a guy who’s being accused of influence peddling in foreign countries and taking money from China, taking money from this corrupt Ukrainian gas company…” Duncan added during the podcast segment. “And he’s showing up at official events with foreign dignitaries in front of us – they’re laughing at us.”

“Holmes pointed out the ridiculousness of inviting someone to a White House State dinner who was addicted to crack, involved with prostitutes, and has now pleaded guilty to tax-related misdemeanors, just because he is a relative,” Hamilton wrote.

“Serving on Ukrainian natural gas boards, smoking crack with prostitutes, and throwing guns into schools zones… Are you kidding?” he stated. “You can’t get simultaneously say that this son of mine is deeply troubled and it has all kinds of things in his life. It’s regrettable and, you know, unfortunately, that’s his problem.”

“… then have him show up in Beijing … show up on Ukrainian boards during the course of your vice presidency, and then when you become president, he’s the belle of the ball at every state dinner!” Holmes fumed.

This is obviously the president’s way of flaunting the fact that we live in a society with a two-tiered system of justice and he believes his family is above the law and can get away with it. It’s pretty hard to take anything else away from the Hunter Biden invite.

He then went on to point out that the vast majority of drug addicts in the country do not begin to get rich by selling political influence to the Chinese.

During the same episode of “The View,” another co-host, Sunny Hostin, brought up Hunter Biden’s battle with drug addiction saying that people do not have compassion on him for it. Well, part of the reason for that might be that Hunter has never had to suffer the consequences of his actions. He continues self-destructive and corrupt behavior with no care at all for breaking the law, knowing full well his father will bail him out. Really hard to have compassion on someone who continues in their addiction despite having all of the money and resources available to them to get better.

“What seems to get lost in all of this discussion about Hunter Biden is his addiction. He’s an addict. He has had this addiction for many years, and to various things, and I wonder where our compassion is,” she noted during the program. “I mean people are talking about ‘Well, this is nepotism,’ and perhaps it is, and I hate nepotism. I think things should be earned and not given, but no one wants to talk about the fact that Ivanka [Trump] got, you know, three Chinese patents after her dinner with President Xi from China at Mar-a-Lago.”

Hostin then remarked that the scandal is really just “a father trying to keep his son, who suffers from addiction, close.”

What a lame excuse for justifying the awful, corrupt things Biden is doing while in office.

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