Matt Gaetz’s Bill To Defund Special Counsel Jack Smith Hits Congress

(Liberty Bell) – Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz is working to stop the special counsel from bringing a second federal indictment against former President Donald Trump by yanking his funding out from underneath him. Given the fact that Special Counsel Jack Smith seems to have a vendetta against Trump and is doing everything in his power to carry out the wishes of his progressive overlords, this might be the only way to truly bring this attack crashing down.

According to The Western Journal’s Jack Davis, Trump announced on Tuesday of this week that he is expecting yet another indictment, this time from Smith, who is currently conducting a probe to find out if anyone “unlawfully interfered with the transfer of power” after the conclusion of the 2020 presidential election. He’s particularly focusing on the events that unfolded on Jan. 6, 2021 at the Capitol Building.

If this happens, it would be the second indictment to come from Smith. Last month the special counsel secured an indictment against the former president on accusations that he mishandled classified documents.

“I will be introducing legislation to DEFUND Jack Smith’s witch hunt against President Trump,” Gaetz remarked in a tweet on Tuesday. “They are attacking our democracy and engaging in election interference right now. The United States Congress has the capability to stop this election interference, and we must act immediately!”

“In the coming hours, the coming days, I will be introducing legislation under my name in the House of Representatives as a freestanding bill to defund the Jack Smith investigation,” Gaetz continued in a video attached with his post. “We have to stop sending money to this.”

The legislation introduced by Gaetz explains that Smith should not be receiving federal funds to pay for his investigation into Trump and Jan. 6, 2021.

“Gaetz’s call to cut off funding for Smith follows last month’s proposal from Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia to do the same,” Davis wrote in the report.

“This morning, I’m writing an appropriations rider to DEFUND Special Counsel Jack Smith’s office and entire investigation. I will not vote for ANY appropriations bill to fund the weaponization of government. I hope every one of my Republican colleagues will join me,” she stated in her own post on Twitter.

Greene took a swipe at Smith again on Tuesday.

“Jack Smith is a lousy attorney. His career is filled with mistrials, overturned cases, and judicial rebukes. He only targets Republicans because he’s a weak little b**** for the Democrats,” she fired off. Wow.

That’s brutal. You can always count on the Notorious MTG to say what needs to be said, no filters, no apologies. It’s what has endeared her to many in the MAGA crowd. There’s a reason she supports Trump. I think she sort of sees someone similar to herself when she looks at him. And so do many Americans.

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