GOP Congressman: Secret Service ‘Destroyed’ WH Cocaine Bag, DNA

(Liberty Bell) – Tennessee Republican Congressman Tim Burchett recently spoke with Newsmax where he made the claim that the Secret Service “destroyed” the cocaine baggie discovered in the West Wing of the White House, noting they do not have enough DNA evidence to identify the individual responsible for getting the substance through the building’s security.

Many folks have been speculating that the Secret Service, along with the Justice Department, are well aware of who the cocaine belonged to and are being politicized by the Biden administration in order to keep the president’s son, Hunter Biden out of trouble. We, of course, don’t know at this point if that is true, but it honestly seems like a logical conclusion.

“[The Secret Service] don’t even have the key from the locker [where the cocaine was found] and they said originally ‘we didn’t find enough DNA, now, and they went back and said, ‘we didn’t find any DNA,'” Burchett said during an appearance on the “The Chris Salcedo Show”, where he chatted about a briefing on the discovery of the drug and its investigation. “Apparently, they destroyed the bag and any chance of getting any DNA.”

Charles Kim of Newsmax wrote, “He said that if something similar occurred while he was the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, the police would have come in with ‘hazmat suits,’ put it into an evidence bag, and taken it to a lab for analysis.”

“I was Knox County mayor,” he stated. “When we found an unknown substance somewhere, we called on law enforcement are sheriff’s department, the best in the country, and our police department, one of the best in the country, obviously to come in with hazmat suits to put in the bag and take it to a lab. That’s exactly what they should have done here. They should have taken it to Quantico and analyzed it, but instead, they destroyed the bag.”

On July 13, NBC News issued a report stating the Secret Service was going to shut down its investigation into the discovery of the cocaine in the West Wing “cubby” that was located close to the Situation Room. The piece also noted that officials investigating the matter revealed the baggie containing the substance did not have any fingerprints or other DNA evidence on it when examined by two different labs.

Security footage taken of the area also did not yield any clues as to who was responsible for leaving the bag. That seems awfully strange, don’t you think? How did it get in the cubby if someone didn’t touch it? There had to have been fingerprints. And nothing found on the security footage? Do they really expect us to believe that?

“The investigation will not be able to single out a person of interest from the hundreds of individuals who passed through the vestibule where the cocaine was discovered,” the Secret Service commented to NBC News.

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