Democratic Lawmaker Arrested For What He Did To A Trump Supporter’s Car

(Liberty Bell) – A state senator from Rhode Island was put in handcuffs last week for allegedly committing an act of vandalism on a car that had a “Biden Sucks” bumper sticker, attempting to get out of trouble by stating the victim “dared” him to do it. This is pretty much the “he started it” argument that you typically hear from children with siblings. It doesn’t work for them, so it’s definitely not going to work for adults. Of course a liberal attempted to use this excuse, seeing as how they tend to act like little kids pretty much all of the time.

According to Fox News, surveillance footage captured Sen. Joshua Miller, 69, keying an automobile at the Garden City Center in Cranston, Rhode Island last Thursday, information from local law enforcement noted. When police had an encounter with Miller two hours after the incident, he tried to deny vandalizing the vehicle, even going so far as to let them examine his keys to check for paint transfer, body camera footage revealed.

Miller then told law enforcement officials that he thought the victim had recognized him and was, and I quote, one of the “gun nuts” who he went on to claim was stalking him due to his sponsorship of gun control legislation. He then said the victim threatened him.

“He was blocking my way, saying that I scratched his car, I didn’t scratch his car,” Miller recounted. “I’m a state senator, I think he recognized me. I think he’s one of the gun nuts.”

In the body camera footage, Miller also name drops police Col. Michael Winquist, asking them to call him due to his being aware of the threats that had been made against Miller from the so-called “gun nuts.”

A press release was posted on social media from the Cranston Police Department disputing the claims made by the state senator. This guy is giving even more justification for the use of the term “loony left,” by making up these wild stories to try and get out of trouble for damaging someone’s vehicle due to a disagreement with their personal politics.

“Mr. Miller never reported any threats to Colonel Winquist or any member of the Cranston Police Department,” the statement goes on to reveal. “Nobody is above the law, including those who make and enforce the laws. The officers who handled this investigation did so with fairness, integrity, and without preferential treatment.”

Boy, I wish more people thought the way these police officers do. Perhaps there wouldn’t be a two-tiered justice system in this country where top officials within the Democratic Party, like President Joe Biden for example, could practically get away with anything, suffering no consequences for their corruption.

“Miller, who is the Senate Democrat policy chairman and leads the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, represents District 28 (which includes where the incident took place) and was first elected to his position in 2006. He sponsored Senate Bill 379, introduced on Feb. 16, 2023, that bans the possession, sale and transfer of assault weapons,” Fox News stated in their report.

“In a body camera video released by the Cranston Police Department, the victim arrives back to the scene and identifies Miller as the vandal. He also told police that he did not recognize Miller as a state legislator. His mother pointed out that she thinks the vandal didn’t like her ‘Biden sucks’ bumper sticker when initially reporting the incident to police,” Fox disclosed.

A press release concerning the incident states that the victim saw Miller’s “Re-elect Senator Josh Miller” bumper sticker on his vehicle, which led him to conduct a little research on the name, soon realizing the man he encountered was Josh Miller.

At first, the police let Miller go until they gained access to security footage and confirmed that it backed up the account from the witness. Police then arrived at Miller’s house and questioned him about the footage. Then, in another set of body cam footage, Miller admits he was the person who vandalized the vehicle, once again making the claim that the victim threatened him and then “dared” him to key the car.

“What’s the reason to key the car, though, that’s the question?” a police officer went on to ask in the footage.

“Because he was daring me to, basically,” Miller replied.

Fox News continued, “Miller voluntarily went to the police station where he was charged with a vandalism/malicious injury to property misdemeanor. He was arraigned and released on $1,000 personal recognizance. He is due in court on July 18, 2023, for re-arraignment. Miller did not return a request for comment in time for publication.”

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