Civil Rights Attorney Says Trump Can File One Motion That Would Change Everything

(Liberty Bell) – Civil Rights attorney Leo Terrell revealed on a recent episode of “Life, Liberty & Levin,” that the legal team representing former President Donald Trump in the Mar-a-Lago raid case, could potentially file a single motion that would be “game over” for the prosecution, including special counsel Jack Smith. According to Fox News, Terrell was asked to provide his insight on the Presidential Records Act which was part of the response to former President Richard Nixon after he resigned from office.

The report stated that the act governs how those occupying the presidency, starting with former President Ronald Reagan, must handle their official records and documentation. In 2014, there were revisions made to the act in a move headed up by then-Congressman Elijah Cummings, a Maryland Democrat, that included digital-age and transparency-related tweaks to it.

The act puts full responsibility for “custody and management of incumbent Presidential records with the President,” as per information divulged by the National Archives.

“Host Mark Levin said Trump’s team may consider citing Democrat-appointed jurists like Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who ruled against transparency watchdog Judicial Watch in a 2010 case seeking cassettes former President Bill Clinton stored in his sock drawer,” Fox noted. “Those tapes included considerations on whether to fire former CIA Director James Woolsey, reasoning behind foreign policy decisions surrounding U.S. involvement in Haiti, and a conversation with then-Rep. William Natcher, D-Ky., about why Clinton chose to enter America into NAFTA.”

“Game over,” Terrell then proclaimed. “That is, to me, the most important first motion President Trump’s legal team could file.”

Terrell explained the PRA fully exonerates the former president, going on to add that a filing like this could potentially leave the prosecution in the case without any viable response. He then asserted that the blind spot the feds seem to have for the PRA is likely due to their alleged mission to try and obliterate Trump’s presidential aspirations for 2024.

“The leading Republican candidate, in my opinion, the next president of this country, is trying to be derailed by the prosecution, by Joe Biden, by Merrick Garland, by Christopher Wray and the Democratic machine… and the left-wing media,” he remarked.

During his appearance on the show, Terrell also declared that the media and Democrats can’t stop Trump at the polls so they are attempting to weaponize the U.S. legal system as a means of taking down the most formidable political opponent for President Joe Biden heading into the 2024 election season.

By invoking the PRA, Terrell made the claim that there should be an “outright dismissal of these frivolous charges against Donald J. Trump.”

Fox News reported, “In addition to Trump, former Vice President Mike Pence and President Biden have been subject to scrutiny involving classified documents found in their possession or domiciles. In Pence’s case, he fully cooperated and went uncharged. In Biden’s case, former Baltimore federal prosecutor Rob Hur was tapped as special counsel but has made scant public comment to-date on his case. Documents with a timeline stretching back to Biden’s time in the Senate have been found at several locations, including a University of Pennsylvania-linked building in the District of Columbia, and in a garage used to store the president’s Corvette at his Greenville, Del., estate.”

It’s become very clear that Joe Biden and progressives on every level are absolutely terrified of Trump and will go to any lengths they can think of in order to stop him from getting a rematch in 2024. The classified documents stuff seems really desperate. What is it about Trump that scares them so much? Maybe it’s because he keeps his political promises, which means he will continue the work he started and prevent the transformation of the U.S. into a socialist nightmare like every other nation that has attempted that dreadful experiment.

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