Breaking: Hunter Plea Deal Disintegrates

(Liberty Bell) – In a completely shocking development, the plea deal struck between Hunter Biden and the prosecution in the case where he’s facing charges of tax and gun violations, is “dead and off the table.” And buried six-feet under is exactly where that deal belongs. No other person facing the same criminal accusations would ever be given that kind of deal. They would be tossed in the clink, end of story.

“Multiple outlets reported on the shocking developments out of Wilmington, Delaware, where the president’s son is being tried,” Bryan Chai of The Western Journal reported. “The reason for this sudden about-face?”

As much as we might wish the deal was off due to the immorality of the whole thing, that’s not at all the case. Instead, there seems to be problems with the deal itself and how it pertains to the separate gun charge that the president’s son is facing. Kara Scannell of CNN was reportedly inside the courthouse when the developments took place and promptly took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the ordeal.

“So as of right now, the deal appears to be dead and off the table,” Scannell went on to say.

The New York Times did their own live coverage of the court proceedings and summarized the shocking developments rather well.

“The two-part plea agreement negotiated between Hunter Biden and the U.S. attorney in Delaware is on the verge of collapsing after the judge in the case questioned whether it offered Mr. Biden blanket immunity from prosecution for his business dealings — or only for tax offenses,” Glenn Thrush stated in his piece.

“Judge Maryellen Noreika of Federal District Court pointedly asked Leo Wise, a top prosecutor in the case, if the deal meant Hunter Biden would be immune from prosecution for other possible crimes, including violations related to representing foreign governments. Wise said no — and Hunter Biden’s lawyer responded by saying the agreement was ‘null and void,’” Thrush added.

Judge Noreika was not too thrilled with the disagreement concerning the status of the immunity Hunter Biden is being offered in the plea deal.

“From the start, the judge seemed highly skeptical of the unusual deal — which offered Hunter Biden broad immunity from prosecution in perpetuity, questioning why it had been filed under a provision that gave her no legal authority to reject it,” Thrush noted. “When she asked Leo Wise, a prosecutor, if there was any precedent for the kind of deal being proposed, he replied, ‘No, your honor.’”

Thrush continued, saying that the two parties vigorously attempted to come to some new agreement “in full view of three dozen reporters packed into the courtroom.”

Several other issues with the plea deal included whether or not the investigation into Hunter Biden was still currently going on and if the gun charges were covered in a separate agreement.

Biden has been under investigation for a whole lot more than simply not paying his taxes in 2017 and 2018 and possibly illegally owning a gun. He’s been under the microscope for a super nasty child custody battle too, not to mention the potential influence peddling scheme he may have been running with his dear old dad, selling access to then-Vice President Joe Biden to foreign business nationals.

“More disconcerting than any of the above, however, are the growing reports that both Hunter and Joe Biden allegedly engaged in bribery schemes with Ukraine and Burisma,” Chai wrote.

“According to the latest reports, which came in during the writing of this article, the Hunter Biden plea deal has been successfully renegotiated, although it is ‘much more limited in scope’ now,” Chai concluded.

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