Breaking: Bill O’Reilly Predicts Biden Won’t Run

(Liberty Bell) – Popular conservative pundit and former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly — oh, did I mention he’s a historian too? — is still not convinced that President Joe Biden is actually going to be running for president, despite his official announcement, stating firmly that he believes his replacement on the Democratic Party ticket will end up being former first lady Michelle Obama.

Mr. O’Reilly, please stop. You’re scaring the children. And the adults too!

According to Josh Dickey’s report for The Wrap, O’Reilly made a guest appearance recently on “The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show,” where he made his prediction for the 2024 race. This isn’t the first time he’s made the comment that Biden doesn’t have any real intention of running for a second term.

“Bill, we also want to ask you about where you think we are here with Biden,” show co-host Sexton stated during the episode. “You’ve said on this show before that you still don’t buy that he’s going to be the eventual Democrat running for president. Are you with that still? And how do you see that playing out? Because we’re getting pretty deep into the season now.”

O’Reilly believes that even later during the election cycle, there’s still a fairly simple way that Biden can get out, something even easier than what a lot of folks are imagining.

“Not really if you understand the process,” O’Reilly explained. “So up until the day before the Democratic convention, you can have a new nominee come out of nowhere. And like if Michelle Obama decides to run at the last minute, they’ll hand her the nomination and she’d have to campaign or do anything. That’s the way the system works. So it’s a first ballot if there’s no first ballot.”

The bestselling author believes Democrats will quickly unify behind a new candidate. Pretty much any new candidate that has a pulse and two brain cells.

“Biden’s not going to campaign,” O’Reilly remarked during the show. “He can barely get out of bed. And I do stand behind my prediction that he will not run. And Democrats are scrambling now to find anybody to take his place. Nobody wants him to run. Nobody.”

“I was going to say, Dr. Jill Biden [does],” co-host Travis chimed in.

“Right now, she wants him to run because [Washington D.C.] is the perfect city for her,” O’Reilly added. “But the guy – and believe me, the shoe is going to drop on him about the Hunter Biden bribery stuff that’s coming down the pike. And that’s going to be a much bigger story than whatever Trump has to face.”

Michelle Obama makes a whole lot of sense as a replacement for Biden. Let’s face it, Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t smart enough or liked well enough to garner support from Democratic voters. She has zero chance of having a successful political career that isn’t handed down to her from someone else in a position of power.

But the former first lady is still extremely popular. Obama has always been well liked. She has everything the left wants in a president, including the right set of ideological beliefs. If they aren’t going to back Biden, this is the smart play.

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