Bombshell Revelation: Biden’s Health Poses Risk Of ‘Real Civil War’ For Democrats

(Liberty Bell) – A guest who made a Friday appearance on Fox News stated that an “unexpected health scare” involving President Joe Biden has the potential to cause a “real civil war” within the Democratic Party. And honestly, given all of the gaffes we’ve witnessed and his age, it’s not really a matter of “if” this sort of emergency happens, but “when.” This will no doubt lead to massive in-fighting with the Democratic Party trying to figure out who should be the nominee as they attempt to keep the White House in the hands of the radical left.

Harold Hutchison of the Daily Caller said, “Biden’s age has resurfaced as a concern after he twice mistakenly called Ukraine ‘Iraq’ in the span of a few days in late June. He claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin was ‘losing in Iraq’ June 28 when discussing the attempted coup by Wagner Group leader Yevgeny Prigozhin, after he bragged about how he brought Europe together in response to ‘the onslaught in Iraq.'”

The president has also taken a series of falls, one of which was at the Air Force Academy in June. Biden also took a tumble while on his bike last summer and then stumbled on the stairs of Air Force One several times. It’s not a good look, folks.

“If there was something unanticipated, if Biden had a health scare at some point in the next few months, that would not give Democrats a whole lot of time to prepare and figure out who would be the successor,” Josh Kraushaar, editor-in-chief for Jewish Insider, went on to tell “America’s Newsroom” co-host Dana Perino during his appearance on the show.

“Dana, I think if Biden decided to step aside and you had all the other candidates, Vice President Harris or Governor Newsom in California, Governor Whitmer, it would be a mess. I mean, it would be a real civil war of a primary,” Kraushaar added.

Things already aren’t looking good for Biden as less than half of Democrats wanted him to run for reelection in the first place, citing his age as a significant factor, according to data in an April AP/NORC poll. Biden made the official announcement that he would be seeking reelection on April 25 by posting a video on his social media profiles. He is currently facing primary challenges from guru Marianne Williamson and activist Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Vice President Kamala Harris has also been confirmed to remain as Biden’s running mate per a statement published in January 2022.

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