Alert: UN To Launch ‘Global Shocks’ Plan Prior To US Presidential Election

(Liberty Bell) – If you are one of the Americans who are wary of the United Nations and your friends make fun of you for being paranoid, accusing you of being a conspiracy theorist, well, you can feel totally vindicated today. Anthony Gonzales, writer for The Western Journal, is reporting that the U.N. is trying to bolster its influence across the world by digging their clutches into global “emergency” powers, and guess who is backing the proposal.

You guessed it. President Joe Biden.

Gonzales says the U.N.’s proposal would go into effect in September 2024, which just happens to be two short months before the presidential election here in the United States. The organization is planning to put on a “Summit of the Future” event where nations that are associated with it will adopt what is being called the “Pact for the Future.” You know, that kind of language is, in my opinion, rather sinister. It screams globalization, which itself screams authoritarianism, which in turn screams one world government dystopian society. Whenever that topic comes up, there is always a lot of screaming as you just beheld.

“The ‘pact,’ or agreement, would set in place multiple policy reforms offered by the U.N. in past years as part of its ‘Our Common Agenda‘ platform,” Gonzales wrote. “While there are several aggressive proposals included in the agenda, none are as disconcerting as the U.N.’s plan for an ’emergency platform,’ which would provide the international organization significant powers in times of “global shocks,” such as another global pandemic.”

The vast majority of the details of the U.N.’s new proposal were included in the policy paper titled, “Strengthening the International Response to Complex Global Shocks — An Emergency Platform,” that was released back in March.

Antonio Guterres, the secretary-general of the U.N., provided an outline of the proposal, saying, “I propose that the General Assembly provide the Secretary-General and the United Nations system with a standing authority to convene and operationalize automatically an Emergency Platform in the event of a future complex global shock of sufficient scale, severity and reach.”

“The challenges we face can only be addressed through stronger international cooperation,” Guterres proclaimed. “The emergency platform would provide the international body with power over all nations in times of distress.”

As per the United Nations, such power is required in order to “[e]nsure that all participating actors make commitments that can contribute meaningfully to the response and that they are held to account for delivery on those commitments.”

The policy proposes that the secretary-general would have the authority to extend the emergency platform, if necessary, despite it being set for a “finite period.” And this decision could be made without having to get the consent of any member nations. I don’t think I need to explain why this is bad, especially after we saw the kind of shenanigans that unfolded during the coronavirus pandemic.

What type of “global shock” would cause the employment of an emergency platform?

The U.N. says that a “large-scale event,” “future pandemics,” a “disruption to global digital connectivity,” a “major event in outer space,” and other “unforeseen risks” are all justification for the use of an emergency platform.

What the heck do they mean by a “major event in outer space?” Are we talking about the use of space warfare against satellite communications or are they referring to potential alien activity and UFOs? Maybe both? Do they know something the rest of us don’t know? That’s very specific.

There have been a number of folks critical of the proposal, stating that it appears to be an attempt to consolidate power. However, there are also a fair number of leftists who are on board with the proposal too.

This includes the Biden administration.

“U.S. Ambassador Chris Lu noted in March 2022 that the Biden administration supports the U.N.’s emergency platform, as well as multiple other proposals included in ‘Our Common Agenda,’ according to a transcript of Lu’s remarks to the U.N. in 2022,” Gonzales stated in the conclusion of the article.

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