Sen. Josh Hawley Aims To Block Chinese Takeover Of U.S. Farmland With New Bill

(Liberty Bell) – It took a Chinese spy balloon to fly across the entire country for many Americans to wake up and see the true threat China poses. The spy balloon, however, was the least of our concerns. The Chinese have been infiltrating the US in a variety of strategic ways for years.

Not only have they completely inundated our universities, bought massive portions of the energy grid and managed to get a US president in their pocket, they’ve also been buying up huge pieces of farmland all around the nation.

You’d think Chinese resistance would be a bipartisan endeavor but with Chinese Communist Party shill Joe Biden in the White House, the Democratic Party has united in protecting and covering for China.

There’s no doubt the Senate will never pass Sen. Josh Hawley’s recent bill that would block the CCP and its affiliates from owning US farmland.

On March 7, Hawley introduced the “This Land is Our Land Act” which will bar corporations and individuals linked to the CCP from buying or leasing US agricultural land while existing owners must divest their interests under the bill or face fines and criminal consequences.

“No Chinese corporation or individual associated with the CCP should be permitted to own American farmland,” Hawley said in a statement on Tuesday. “It undermines the integrity of our nation’s food supply chain, it presents national security threats when the land is in close proximity to military installations, and it hurts American farmers.”

Congressional efforts to stop Chinese threats have ramped up in the weeks since Joe Biden allowed the spy balloon to fly over numerous strategic military locations from Montana to South Carolina.

The bill would force any Chinese state-backed entities and companies incorporated in China’s mainland, Hong Kong, or Macau to divest interests in US farmland within two years. They will need to sign a letter declaring their intent to take action within a year after the bill goes into effect.

Those who do not comply will face fines of $100 a day on each acre they own and could even be sent to prison for up to five years. On top of those penalties, they could be required to forfeit their land which would then be sold through public auction.

While Democrats are still largely shilling for China, the number of lawmakers opposed to the CCP owning US farmland is growing.

The Epoch Times reports:

“In Hawley’s home state, Chinese entities owned 42,596 acres of agricultural land as of 2021, comprising a little under half of the 100,000 agricultural acres under foreign control, according to the Missouri Department of Agriculture. Most of that land has been used for hog farming by the Chinese buyer WH Group, which took over the largest U.S. pork producer Smithfield Foods in 2013.

On March 2, the Missouri House backed legislation targeting land purchases from China and four other perceived foreign adversaries.”

“We have to protect Missouri sovereignty, and we have to protect Missouri farmers, and I think we need to protect our food supply,” asserted Missouri House Speaker Dean Plocher.

Legislators in Virginia’s House and Senate have also recently approved versions of a proposal to ban China from buying farmland. The measure has been sent to Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s desk who is expected to sign it.

The Epoch Times reported that Grand Forks, South Dakota, Mayor Brandon Bochenski announced plans to scrap a Chinese corn mill project near the Grand Forks Air Force Base, following a U.S. Air Force warning that the proposed plant poses a “significant threat to national security” and could impact their operations.

There’s absolutely no reason at all for the CCP to own US farmland and agricultural businesses. You’d think Hawley’s bill would pass with full bipartisan support but we highly doubt it’ll play out that way.

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