Republican Party Forced To Intervene As Dems Demand Trump Be Excluded In 2024 Vote

(Liberty Bell) – Our election system is under attack by radical leftists who want to ensure a Democrat stays in the White House on a permanent basis while they work toward completely transforming our nation from a Republic into a government based on the principles of Karl Marx rather than on objective, universal freedoms bestowed upon man by his Creator. We saw these attacks begin during the 2020 presidential race when Democrats essentially stole the election through tampering with mail-in ballots and ballot harvesting.

And now the left is going a step further by trying to limit who you can cast your ballot for in the first place. According to a new report from the American Center for Law and Justice, the organization has now entered yet another fight to defend voters by representing the Colorado Republican Party and is working to uphold their right to cast a vote for former President Donald Trump should they choose to do so.

“This week, the court granted our motion, allowing our client to intervene in that case. While the fight in Colorado continues to intensify, we have now entered the fray in another state as well. We are pleased to announce the ACLJ now represents the Oklahoma Republican Party as it fights for ballot access in Oklahoma. Today, we are filing a motion to intervene in federal court so the Oklahoma Republican Party can be heard in this case,” the piece said.

“A Texas resident has filed another lawsuit that, like the Colorado lawsuit, argues that former President Trump is ineligible to be President due to the 14th Amendment. This individual claims to be a Republican candidate seeking to eliminate his “rival” from the chance to run for office. This lawsuit was brought against two parties: President Trump himself and the Secretary of the Oklahoma State Election Board. But again, an organization critical to this lawsuit was left out. The Oklahoma Republican Party has a say in who the Republican nominees are going to be in the presidential election. It defines the rules that Republican candidates must follow, sets the platform for the Republican Party, and decides who the Oklahoma delegation will be to vote at the Republican National Convention,” the ACLJ stated.

The ACLJ is representing the Oklahoma Republican Party in its fight to preserve its right to freely participate in the election process. The organization filed a motion to intervene in the lawsuit on behalf of the GOP. Now the Oklahoma Republican Party would like to join the suit and lend aid to protect our precious Constitution and election system from leftists who want to crush everything the U.S. stands for, recreating it in the image of a socialist dictator’s fever dream.

The report continued, “More and more people have recognized the dangers of these novel 14th Amendment theories being used to attempt to disenfranchise voters. For example, former Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey penned an article explaining why attempts to disqualify President Trump are “seriously misplaced.” He thoroughly explained that the disqualification provision does not apply to President Trump because former Presidents are not on the list of people who may be disqualified by the 14th Amendment in the first place. When we announced our Colorado lawsuit, we shared this reason for rejecting the novel claims raised there, as well as some of the other reasons for rejecting these kinds of claims.”

Look, former President Trump has not been disqualified from being able to run for the White House. Therefore, he should be on the ballot in every state so voters in the GOP can choose whether or not to elect him as the party’s nominee. Assaults on this are an attempt to control every aspect of the election process in order to produce a favorable outcome for the Democratic Party in the upcoming 2024 presidential race and every other race to come in the future.

This must be stopped.

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