Report Confirms Hunter Biden “Misled” Judge Under Oath

(Liberty Bell) – President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has been caught misleading a judge, while under oath in a court of law, concerning his status as a practicing lawyer. I know what you’re thinking. Hearing “Hunter Biden” and “practicing lawyer” in the same sentence is wild. But it’ll all make sense in just a little bit.

According to Josh Boswell, writer for the Daily Mail, during the plea hearing that took place just a week ago, Delaware district Judge Maryellen Moreika asked Hunter where he was eligible to practice law. “You’re a member of the bar?” she asked the first son. “Yes, your Honor,” he responded, “District of Columbia and Connecticut, your Honor.”

“But Connecticut records show Hunter, 53, was suspended from practicing law in Connecticut more than two years ago. A Judicial Branch spokeswoman said he is ‘currently not in good standing’ after failing to pay his $75 annual fees since 2018. The mistruth was first spotted by Connecticut lawyer and columnist Kevin Rennie, who wrote about it on his blog, Daily Ructions,” Boswell penned.

Rennie, who once served as a state legislator in Connecticut, commented in an interview with the Daily Mail that Hunter’s statement to the judge was “extraordinary” going on to say that he “misled the court.”

“I’m careful about using the word ‘lie’ because I don’t know what was in his head. But he certainly should have known better,” he stated during the interview. “A lawyer who is asked under oath where he is admitted to practice and does not include in his response that he is suspended from practice in one of them has misled the court. He did not give her an answer that, I think most judges would see under these circumstances, was in good faith. It omitted crucial facts. Clearly he thought he was admitted to the practice in Connecticut. He ought to know, after 26 years, that certain obligations come with that. And they are by no means onerous,” Rennie continued.

Online records from the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch disclose that Hunter Biden was admitted to the state bar back in 1997. Rennie then revealed that the first son would have received several requests every year to pay the mandatory bar fees, along with reminders that he attend twelve hours of legal education on a yearly basis. He, of course, ignored this.

Then, on March 16, 2021, Hunter had an “administrative suspension for failure to pay the Client Security Fund fee.” This happened again on Nov. 30 of the same year, then an additional time on June 14, 2022. The bar registration for our nation’s capital is currently in good standing, as per Hunter himself.

“Connecticut Judicial Branch spokesperson Melissa Farley said the First Son ‘is currently not in good standing due to Attorney Biden’s failure to register or comply with the Statewide Grievance Committee’s [Minimum Continuing Legal Education] requirement since 2018…and to pay the Client Security Fund fee for 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022,'” Boswell reported.

“It’s only $75,” Rennie remarked to the “The Judicial Branch, they’re very good about reminding people that they need to pay by June 15. So I was surprised.”

“I was also surprised that given what we all assume he’s paying in legal fees, that someone at the law firm representing him would have just checked the box to make sure everything was as it should be – such as ‘You paid the $75, didn’t you?'” Rennie continued.

“They should have anticipated those basic biographical questions you’re going to be asked by a judge, especially when the intention was to enter a guilty plea. It’s careless, not paying attention. I suppose that’s not a surprise given his history, which he’s certainly emphasizing in this proceeding,” he added.

Rennie, 64, noted that the $75 annual fee goes toward providing aid for victims of attorney fraud. I wonder if there is any evidence that Hunter Biden participated in such a crime while he was practicing law? It wouldn’t be surprising given his penchant for corruption.

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