New Book Reveals Joe Biden’s Reaction To Secret Letter Trump Left Behind On The Resolute Desk

(Liberty Bell) – Over the course of America’s history, there have been a number of heated political battles and encounters. We are blessed to be a nation that is full of individuals who are passionate about what they believe and when the ideals and solutions for the issues that plague the country meet head-on, there is often friction and lots of sparks. That’s to be expected, right? It’s the beauty of freedom of speech. These battles are how progress is achieved and how our society advances.

That being said, the political battle that took place during the 2020 presidential election was brutal. Ugly. Maybe one of the grimiest ever to take place since the founding era. It took place during a pandemic featuring a brand new illness that most did not understand, as civil unrest raged across the nation. And then, of course, there was voter fraud.

With how awful things got during this period, you’d think that neither Trump nor Biden would have nice things to say about each other. Especially the way they talked about one another in the media. However, Peter Partoll of The Western Journal noted that a brand new book suggests that while the two men are nowhere near becoming best buddies, there might be some hope for healing the deep division the nation finds itself in when you look at the message the former president left for Biden in the White House.

“On Tuesday, Politico reported that the upcoming book ‘The Fight of His Life’ by Chris Whipple, which recounts the first two years of the Biden administration, contains a short passage about a message Trump left for Biden in the White House,” Partoll wrote. “According to the book, Trump followed the tradition set by his predecessors and left Biden a letter on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office. The book claims that Biden reacted to the letter by saying, ‘That was very gracious and generous… Shockingly gracious.'”

This comes after a podcast interview with former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki from February where she spoke about the letter saying, “It was very long. The script, from where I could see, was very lovely.”

The thing is, we have no idea what the letter actually mentioned, but from all accounts, it didn’t contain the usual insults Trump is famous for throwing toward his enemies. In fact, it appears the letter was a gracious communication to his future successor. This should go a long, long way in helping the average person who simply hates the former president because that’s what the media tells him to do to see there is more than one side to Trump. He’s not always gruff and on the offensive. He’s a normal guy, just like everyone else.

“What makes this all the more impressive is that it came two weeks after the events of Jan. 6, 2021, when a group of Trump supporters entered the Capitol while Congress was certifying the results of the election,” Partoll stated. “The Capitol incursion was and continues to be described by the left as an ‘insurrection’ and an attempt by Trump and the MAGA Republicans to overthrow democracy. Now, the Jan. 6 committee has recommended that Trump face criminal charges for the events of that day.”

“Yet even after all that, after the civil unrest, after the ugly debates, after the hotly contested election, Trump was still able to follow the presidential tradition and write a generous letter to Biden, thus completing the peaceful transition of power,” Partoll continued. “This offers us hope as Americans. If Trump can write a nice letter to his political nemesis in the midst of all this controversy, we too can be gracious to those with whom we disagree.”

The reason this is important news to cover is because this story serves to remind us that even the most ardent of enemies in the political arena can still find a way to connect to one another and even be nice to each other. It’s okay to have differing political opinions. In truth, we all agree that there are issues that need to be tackled. Where we often disagree is on the solutions.

But we can still treat each other with respect as human beings. We simply need to remember that we are all walking through life experiencing many of the same things, dreaming of reaching the same goals, and so on. Instead of focusing on what separates us, we need to ground ourselves in what binds us together.

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