Nevada Democrat Party Organizer Caught On Hidden Camera Bashing Hispanic Voters

(Liberty Bell) – The Project Veritas team has once again exposed what really gets said among Democratic candidates and their staffers.

This time, PV has released an undercover video of Nevada Democratic operatives just days before the midterm elections. In the video, a man named Isaac Gudino asserted that “Republican Latinos” are to blame should Democrats lose in the state.

Gudino, described in the video as being a “Nevada Democratic Victory Field Organizer” explains that Hispanic voters who used to be on the Democrats’ side are now moving to the Republicans and also admits that conservative candidates have better appeal for Hispanics because their values more closely match.

The Senate race in Nevada is one of the most closely watched in the country with Democrat incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto being challenged by Republican candidate Adam Laxalt. The fight for the Hispanic vote has been intense because of how significant the demographic is in the state.

Republicans have been making major progress winning Hispanic voters all around the country because they have acknowledged Hispanic voters don’t just care about immigration and they aren’t all in favor of illegal immigration just because they’re Hispanic.

The racist Democrats have long treated the Hispanic communities across the country as one-issue voters but the reality is they are Americans and care very much about the economy, crime, and the out of control border crisis. Republicans are the only candidates even talking about these issues.

The video appears to have been taken at a typical campaign field office and Gudino cut right to the point when discussing why he believes Hispanic voters are going to vote Republican even saying it makes more “sense.”

“Don’t they traditionally vote with us?” the undercover Project Veritas operative asked, with Gudino sitting nearby.

“Haven’t you ever spoken to a Hispanic? Cause, like, when you do, it makes more sense,” Gudino stated, attempting to explain why the Hispanic vote is largely pulling to the right.

He admitted that Democratic operatives make the mistake of thinking Hispanics “only care about immigration.”

“They’re just muy machismo, like, hey, you know, I don’t like gay people and s**t,” Gudino noted. “It just, it’s normal to me, it doesn’t surprise me anymore.”

Gudino notes that he can’t speak Spanish but can read it well enough and says that Republicans finally “got smart” and started putting their signs in Spanish while talking to the PV operative outside the campaign field office.

“No if, high key – if we lose, they’re why,” Gudino remarked in response to the operative suggesting Hispanic Nevadans are “moving away” from the Democratic Party.

“If there’s any reason we lose, it’ll be Latino Republicans,” Gudino said, going on to reference the Republican campaign signs written in Spanish, “I was like, oh no! Now they, somebody got smart enough to write their s**t in Spanish.”

This is really completely ignorant, however, and just goes to show the mentality Democrats have towards Hispanic voters. Just like black Americans, Democrats think Hispanics are just stupid and gullible and incapable of thinking for themselves. That’s why Gudino clearly believes Hispanics are moving to the Republican Party just because there are signs promoting conservative ideas in Spanish.

The truth is, the Democratic Party has failed Hispanic voters for years and now that Biden has catapulted the US towards complete destruction at high-speed, Hispanic voters are finally abandoning the Democrats.

Republicans are promoting American values that align with the core values of the Hispanic communities around the nation. Not only that but Hispanics are concerned about record inflation and gas prices. The economy is a top issue among Hispanic voters just like it is for the rest of America, and they know exactly who to blame for the current mess the US is in.

Democrats are just deranged for actually believing they weren’t going to lose support with Biden in the White House destroying the US from within.

Fortunately for America, Hispanic voters are sensible and intelligent and are ready to kick Democrats to the curb.

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