MUST-SEE: UFC Fighter Recalls Hilarious Golfing Story With Trump

(Liberty Bell) – Ultimate Fighting Championship middleweight Bo Nickal recently attended a golf outing where he played against former President Donald Trump and two Super Bowl champions, an event that he is clearly going to cherish for the rest of his life. Nickal conducted an interview with the world’s most popular podcast host, Joe Rogan, and brought up the outing with the president, Lawrence Taylor, and Ottis “O.J.” Anderson.

According to The Western Journal, Nickal stated that the former commander-in-chief was cage-side with UFC President Dana White when he extended an invite to him to Bedminster in Jersey, which is home to the Trump National Golf Club.

“Coolest freaking dude, man. He was like, we didn’t talk about politics. We didn’t talk about anything. When I first got there, rolled up, I mean, there’s 36 Secret Service members,” Nickal recounted to Rogan.

Right after the former president made a few announcements through his people, Nickal commented, “then we just golf for, like, four hours. Rode in the cart with him. And he was, like, the coolest guy.”

“So with it. So smart — asked me about fighting. We’re talking about all the boxing, talked about football, talked about baseball, talked about golf. And he was so sharp and with it,” he added.

“Then there was the ‘super surreal’ golf foursome of Trump, LT and Anderson. What amazed Nickal, however, was how ‘super with it’ Trump was even though the former president is 77 and — as Rogan noted — had handled what could be the world’s hardest job,” the report continued.

“He’s the only guy that went through four years in the White House and didn’t seem to age,” Rogan remarked during the episode. “Everybody gets in that White House and they just fall apart. Their hair gets gray, they look tired all the time, They just look like the weight of the world — which it literally is — on their shoulders.”

Trump is holding solid, consistent conversations with his guests about several different sports, while facing the most difficult challenges of his life as the radical left deep state within the Justice Department attempts to take him out of the presidential race through the weaponization of federal law enforcement, and yet, he’s sharp as a tack. Let that hit you for a moment.

Our current president can’t even find his way along the White House grounds without help and guidance from the Secret Service. Joe Biden mumbles and bumbles, stumbles and looks clueless every single day without fail. He clearly doesn’t know where he is and what he’s doing.

Which man would you rather have at the helm? I think the choice is obvious.

“Not only that, he was a good golfer, beating LT — himself known for his golf game — in a thousand-a-hole competition. On the 18th hole, Nickal said, Trump first teed off to the middle of the fairway. Then, 150 yards out, used his second stroke to put the ball ‘two feet from the pin’ to set up a tap-in,” the article revealed.

“Ball is like, in the middle of the arc, not even coming down yet, he turns around,” Nickal recalled. “Doesn’t even watch it land, walks right back to the car. And the caddy was like, ‘nice shot, Mr. President.’ And I was like, ‘damn, that was clutch.’”

“And he looks at me, he goes, ‘Don’t you want your president to be clutch?’” Nickal proclaimed.

A lot of folks on social media pointed out that the kind of story being told by Nickal is pretty common for those who have encounters with Trump, but the media never reports on them because it goes against their narrative.

“However, the subtext is clear: In 2024, do you want the guy who was the subject of this anecdote, or a guy who can’t find his way off a stage, falls down in public, or endlessly repeats clearly false stories?” the WJ asked.

If Trump becomes the nominee and fends off these ridiculous charges against him in the four indictments, he is clearly the kind of guy you want sitting in the White House.

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