MUST-SEE: Newt Gingrich Issues URGENT Warning About Michelle Obama

(Liberty Bell) – Conservative firebrand and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has come out and identified a new threat that could potentially be swimming around the murky waters of the political arena like a shark waiting to devour its prey, and he’s now issuing a warning about it for those wise enough to heed his words. Given the day and age we are in, where every person is seemingly wise in their own eyes, it’ll be a miracle if anyone pays attention.

Bryan Chai of The Western Journal stated that Gingrich made his comments while doing an interview with Maria Bartiromo on the Fox News show, “Sunday Morning Futures.” The former speaker warned that a big exit from the current administration could be pointing toward the rise of a whole new kind of Democratic administration.

“Speaking to Bartiromo, Gingrich opined that the recent departure of Susan Rice, Biden’s domestic policy adviser, could be the first small step towards the return of the Obamas. Both Gingrich and Bartiromo felt that the timing of Rice’s departure, literally just a day before Biden officially announced his re-election campaign, was more than just a little suspicious,” Chai wrote.

At the least, Gingrich went on to say, Rice leaving the White House is a sign that she was in disagreement with Biden’s “kamikaze” bid for a second term as president.

If it’s true there is a movement within the Democratic Party to remove Biden from his current position, who do they want to see put in his place? The answer is terrifying.

Michelle Obama.

“The former first lady has long been bandied about as a potential ‘next big thing’ for Democrats, and despite her strong protests to the idea of her running for president, Obama has been unable to shake the murmurs that she’s running,” Chai added.

However, according to both Gingrich and Bartiromo, it’s looking less and less like a rumor and more and more like a fact.

“Do you believe that Susan Rice leaves the White House the day before Biden makes this [re-election] announcement, is a coincidence?” Bartiromo asked Gingrich during the interview. “I mean, I feel that this is very significant. I don’t know if she’s going to be managing someone else’s campaign, if she’s going to run to challenge Biden. What do you think is going on here? But clearly, Democrats are divided over Biden’s re-election bid.”

“Well, I think that at a minimum, it probably is a sign that she said, ‘Don’t do it,’” Gingrich replied. “And [Biden] said, ‘I’m doing it anyway.’ And I think, she just didn’t want to be a part of a Biden re-election [bid].”

At this point in the discussion, Gingrich noted his shock when seeing a recent clip of Michelle Obama at a Bruce Springsteen concert where she was playing the tambourine.

Gingrich remarked that Obama “recently had 9,000 people at an event with Oprah in Los Angeles,” adding, “I think Republicans had better pay significant attention to Michelle Obama.”

“I hadn’t believed that until I saw her on stage with Bruce Springsteen, and I thought, you know, ‘this is not a person who’s hiding,’” he continued.

With President Biden’s approval numbers resting comfortably at the bottom of the political swamp, Michelle Obama would pose a significant threat to his chances of reelection, especially given the astronomically high approval ratings for the Obamas. What’s more, Michelle Obama would likely prove to be a formidable adversary for former President Donald Trump if he should win the GOP nomination.

However, it must be pointed out again that Michelle Obama has made several statements on record as not being interested, at least at this time, in a presidential bid.

During an interview in 2022, the former first lady asserted that she detests the question concerning whether she’s going to run for president or not before emphatically stating, “No, I’m not going to run.”

Then again, that could be a smokescreen and nothing more.

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