Must-See: Maui Resident Puts Brutal Sign In Yard As Biden Visits Hawaii

(Liberty Bell) – An island resident of Maui was not happy to hear President Joe Biden would be paying the area a visit after it was devastated by massive wildfires that have killed scores of individuals and left the island in utter ruins. Who can blame them? When the fires first happened, Biden was lounging around on the beach, soaking in the sun. When asked about the situation, he said, “no comment.” Not exactly a kind, compassionate response, is it?

Jack Davis of The Western Journal reported that the individual placed a sign in their front yard that read, “Traitor Joe Must Go.”

A video of the sign has gone viral on social media. And that pretty much sums up the feelings of the vast majority of Americans, not just those directly impacted by these horrific fires. Look at the president’s abysmal ratings and you’ll get the picture. While the media tries to convince us all that America loves Joe Biden, reality is exactly the opposite. Even a huge swath of Democrats want to see the old man gone.

“The island resident who let his sign do his talking was not alone in expressing a lack of enthusiasm for a president who, when asked about the disaster, replied, ‘no comment,’ according to The New York Times,” Davis stated.

A volunteer, Eddy Garcia, huffed about the event as he worked to help people left homeless by the devastating fires, handing out fruit to those who were hungry and in need.

“The Biden visit was a public relations tactic,” he commented. And he’s probably right on the money.

Garcia then asserted, “They failed us on every level,” referencing the poor response to the fires by the federal government. “Their red tape, their bureaucracy.”

The Times revealed that the president took a 20-minute trip by helicopter over the damaged areas of Maui. Yes, that was his visit to the area. Looking at the damage from high above the ground. It kind of sums up his view of everything and everyone, doesn’t it? All are beneath him and unworthy of his time.

“He really needs to look at this rubble and see this was no ordinary fire,” remarked Pearl Patterson.

“The death toll from the first stands at 114, according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. No official estimate of the number of missing people exists, although Maui Mayor Richard Bissen put the estimate of people unaccounted for at 850, according to Hawaii News Now,” Davis divulged in his article for The Western Journal.

Stuart Varney, the host of a popular program on Fox Business, noted that the White House’s reaction to the incident in Maui makes the president seem “out of touch.” And that’s because he most definitely is.

“That ‘no comment’ was tone-deaf. The images of the president relaxing on the beach while Maui burned did not help his ‘father of the nation’ image,” he declared. “I think this president is physically exhausted. He’s 80 and frail and needs rest.”

“He’s mentally exhausted by the Hunter investigation and the apparent pressures of the job. August has been a painful reminder of the growing problem of Biden’s age,” Varney continued.

“His response to the Maui tragedy is one more reason to question his ability to do the job for another 6 years,” he added.

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