MSNBC Melts Down After Trump Judge Rules Against Special Counsel

(Liberty Bell) – The idea of objective journalism seems to totally be a relic of the past. Now, most of the mainstream media are nothing more than propaganda pushers for the Democratic Party, helping to craft narratives designed to deceive the masses who eagerly gobble up the content and worldview spoon-fed to them by the evening news.

We’ve seen countless evidence backing this up, the latest being the absolute meltdown that analysts and hosts working for MSNBC had after they found out about United States District Judge Aileen Cannon’s ruling issued on Monday against Special Counsel Jack Smith.

According to Harold Hutchison of the Daily Caller, the folks at the network were so distraught by the decision they called for Cannon to be removed from overseeing the criminal trial of former President Donald Trump. Yes, that’s right. They did not get the result they were hoping for, so let’s just remove the judge presiding over the case. Guys, that is not how the justice system is supposed to work.

“Cannon ordered Smith to justify the use of a grand jury in Washington, D.C. to investigate potential crimes related to Trump’s alleged retention of classified material at Mar-a-Lago, the Florida estate owned by the former president. Cannon also rejected Smith’s effort to keep two motions under seal and ordered that they be made public,” Hutchison noted.

“This may tee up the issue of her fitness in this case,” MSNBC legal analyst Joyce Vance stated on X after the news of Cannon’s ruling hit the Internet.

“This has the feel of Judge Cannon acting as an advocate for the defense,” MSNBC contributor Glenn Kirschner said on social media. “Guess no one can accuse her of learning her lesson from the appellate court’s prior ruling that she abused her discretion & acted lawlessly to the extreme benefit of Trump. More appellate smackdowns coming?”

Previously, Judge Cannon had ordered the appointment of a “special master” to go through all of the documentation that was collected from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate on Aug. 8, 2022. However, that ruling was eventually overturned by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit.

“Judge Cannon clearly shows her ignorance (bias? both?); the obstruction crimes that were investigated are charges that could have been brought in FLA or in DC and thus could be investigated in either district.” former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissman, who serves as the host of MSNBC’s “Prosecuting Donald Trump” podcast, posted on X. “And there was conduct that is alleged to have occurred outside FLA.”

“If the DOJ filed under seal certain documents, and Judge Cannon just disclosed the existence of an otherwise confidential grand jury proceeding, we might be at the motion for recusal stage for the DOJ…,” host Katie Phang declared.

Vance then continued to slam the ruling during a Monday afternoon appearance on the network.

“It’s very troubling. The government tried to file a motion under seal that includes what they indicated was supplemental evidence, and what the judge did in the order that she issued on the protective order is she said, ‘sorry, you can’t file under seal,’ and she turned around and directed one of the defendants … to respond to a very specific issue, ‘how do you feel about the government using a grand jury that’s not here in Florida to continue to gather evidence against you,’” Vance remarked during a conversation with host Katy Tur. “It’s very suggestive that she believes the government is engaged in wrongdoing.”

“The government can continue to use grand juries to investigate other crimes and other defendants, even after an indictment has been issued, so there’s no reason to believe that any of the conduct that’s going on here is wrong,” Vance added during the segment. “What’s really shocking here is seeing a federal judge refuse to give the government permission to file materials related to grand jury proceedings under seal.”

“If she persists in refusing to let them make their case, which they can only make under seal, if it involves grand jury information, then they likely will have to consider some form of action with the 11th Circuit, whether that’s an appeal or petition,” Vance continued.

The media is no longer an entity that keeps elected officials held to account for the things they say and do. Instead, they push an agenda down the throats of the American people and when things don’t go the way they want them to, they meltdown like the toddlers they are.

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