Mark Levin UNLEASHES On The ‘Big Guy’: Joe Biden Is ‘Sabotaging’ Economy, Implementing Marxist Ideology Under Guise Of Climate Policy

(Liberty Bell) – On Sunday during an episode of his Fox News’ show, “Life, Liberty & Levin,” host Mark Levin slammed Joe Biden and the Democrats for purposely sabotaging the US economy under the guise of fighting climate change.

He called out the Biden regime’s real agenda and their true intent asserting they are Marxists set on achieving de-growth in the US economy and that this movement has been in the works for decades.

“Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are in fact responsible for sabotaging our economy and sabotaging our energy industry,” Levin stated.

“These policies they put under the nomenclature of climate change or the Green New Deal. They started in the 1970s in Europe,” he explained.

He further went on to explain that the whole “green” climate change movement that’s being pushed by professors, activists, Marxists, and left-wing politicians is really about implementing their economic agenda, which is de-growth.

“[Karl] Marx hated the industrial society,” Levin asserted, and it’s common knowledge that Marx believed that eventually the working class would rise up and overthrow the wealthy industrialists.

Levin explained that what actually happened is that in many developed parts of the world the middle class emerged and many people’s lives were made better because of industrialism, not worse. Hundreds of millions of people were able to move out of poverty as a massive middle class was developed.

“It’s the opposite of what Marx intended, and the leftists have been fighting this ever since — for the last 100 years — and now it’s come to a head,” Levin said.

He pointed out that the Biden regime has “the most radical appointees” and they’re busy at work implementing the “de-growth agenda.” Levin further pointed out actual policies and actions taken by the regime, attacking the energy sector, that prove this.

Since Biden’s first day in the White House he’s been attacking the US fossil fuel industry under the guise of fighting so-called climate change but it’s all a big charade.

Biden has suspended oil and gas leasing on federal lands and reinstated the Obama-era carbon dioxide emission federal fee to oil drilling operations, which Trump had significantly lowered.

He also shut down the Keystone Pipeline XL, shut down exploration in the Arctic Wildlife Preserve, limited oil exploration in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska, and did away with offshore lease deals.

The Wall Street Journal reported this month that “the Biden administration plans to block new offshore oil drilling in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, while allowing limited expansion in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska’s south coast.”

“But the plan is still being developed, and gives the administration several options — including one that would forgo new lease sales entirely, according to the Interior Department,” the Journal added.

The U.S. is producing about 1.3 million barrels less per day than at its 2019 pre-pandemic peak under Trump, according to the most recent figures from the Energy Information Administration.

Joe Biden has intentionally created a bottleneck in the oil and gas industry and thus demand is high, supply is low and gas prices are surging.

This has nothing to do with saving the planet from climate change and anyone pushing the radical climate change agenda knows this.

Levin quoted from a May article by the Institute for Energy Research warning of electricity shortages as Democrats push to shut down traditional coal, natural gas, and nuclear power plants in order to transition to wind and solar.

However, “after decades of subsidies and mandates, wind and solar units currently generate only 12 percent of the electricity in the United States, and a much smaller portion of overall energy consumption,” the IER reported.

Levin pointed out that the US is most definitely not at a point where we are able to transition away from traditional power sources despite this change being aggressively and abruptly pushed on us.

“We’re not ready for this at all,” he said.

Levin concluded, “[Democrats] broke the system, and they have no intention of fixing it.”

That’s absolutely accurate. They intentionally broke it, are taking great pleasure in watching its demise and have no intention to fix it.

The November midterms are vitally important to the future of the US.

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