Look Who’s Making Case To Impeach Joe Biden

(Liberty Bell) – For the last several years, we’ve witnessed deep state elements within the Biden administration work tirelessly to transform the Justice Department into a weapon for the federal government to deploy against former President Donald Trump. This is an attempt to ensure he is removed from the 2024 presidential playing field and avoid a highly anticipated rematch with Joe Biden in the general election next year.

The FBI, under the leadership of Attorney General Merrick Garland, who heads up the Department of Justice, raided Trump’s Florida estate in order to seize classified documents being kept on his private property. And now he’s facing four, yes FOUR, indictments on various federal charges that are connected to allegedly trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election results, as well as attempting to fault him for the Capitol riots back in January 2021.

However, in a strange twist of fate, it seems that the very apparatus Biden had installed within the Justice Department to help him silence political enemies might actually lead to his downfall. Truth really is stranger than fiction, ladies and gentlemen.

According to a column written by legal expert Jonathan Turley, when Congress gets back to work next month, they will have to launch an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, and the source of this inquiry for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a California Republican, is none other than the notorious Attorney General Merrick Garland.

“The debacle in the Hunter Biden investigation has left most objective legal analysts in disbelief, with one CNN analyst calling it an ‘unholy mess.’ Even before the collapse of a widely condemned “sweetheart deal” with Hunter, the investigation headed by U.S. Attorney David Weiss was a growing concern for many observers,” Turley remarked in the column.

“In prior years, I wrote about Garland’s refusal to appoint a special counsel despite the obvious conflicts posed by the potential involvement of President Biden in his son’s alleged influence-peddling scandal. I also raised the problem of an investigation that remained ongoing for years as the statute of limitations expired on major potential crimes,” he added.

Turley then goes on to say that these very same concerns were popping up within Weiss’ team. Two whistleblowers from the Internal Revenue Service confirmed that concerns about felony tax crimes expiring were brought up with both Weiss and the DOJ. An agreement was allegedly reached to extend that period, which included violations that were connected to payments from Ukraine and other foreign nations. Both witnesses provided testimony that the DOJ allowed the statute of limitations to expire.

“These two whistleblowers — and, more recently, a former FBI agent — said that the DOJ tipped off the Biden team on attempts to interview Hunter and to conduct searches. They describe an investigation that was anything but the ‘routine’ matter described by congressional Democrats in seeking to block House investigations,” Turley continued. “What followed has bordered on the burlesque. Weiss cut a deal with Hunter’s legal team that was widely derided. After years of investigation, he and the DOJ agreed to a couple of tax misdemeanors, a papered-over gun charge, and no risk of jail time for the president’s son. The deal disassembled in court after a few questions from the presiding judge about sweeping immunity language and other curious elements. When District Judge Maryellen Noreika asked the prosecutor if he had ever seen any agreement like this one, he replied ‘no.'”

Republicans in the House have already demanded Weiss and the rest of his team provide answers concerning the investigation and ridiculous plea deal that would have ultimately resulted in Hunter Biden essentially suffering no consequences for tax evasion and a gun violation. Both of these would have resulted in the average American serving extensive time in prison. An appearance before the House committee was scheduled, but, shockingly Garland did some fancy footwork around the move and appointed a special counsel, which is what we’ve all been demanding he do for some time now.

But don’t get too excited. The person Garland appointed to the position is the one individual that should never have been considered: David Weiss. Why in the world would Garland appoint a man who was in charge of investigating Hunter Biden to be the special counsel in this matter? That is a clear conflict of interest.

“Weiss could well have a legitimate defense to Republican complaints that he ran a fixed investigation into Hunter or accusations that he made false statements to his own team. However, he clearly remains under suspicion by many people. That is reflected in an ABC News/Ipsos poll in which almost half of Americans lack trust that the DOJ will conduct the Hunter Biden investigation in a ‘fair and nonpartisan manner,'” Turley’s column noted. “In addition to this controversial appointment, Garland again refused to expressly extend the special counsel’s mandate to include influence-peddling allegations involving President Biden.”

Just to let you know how bizarre appointing Weiss really was, even some liberal talking heads thought it was baffling that Garland did not simply pick someone he knew for sure was in compliance with regulations and who could guarantee a brand new, full investigation.

Now Weiss is investigating a series of crimes that is continuing to grow shorter and shorter as the long delays in prosecution continue. Hunter Biden can still be charged on the same grounds though, for now. However, Congress is going to have their work cut out for them when it comes to getting answers from Weiss because he can now use the ongoing special counsel investigation as a means of defending his actions.

“At the same time, the Biden administration still is resisting the sharing of information with the House, including records held by the National Archives. For months, I have discussed a potential impeachment of the president with Republican House members and have encouraged them not to repeat the abuses of House Democrats in the use of ‘snap impeachments’ and the discarding of fact hearings in the House Judiciary Committee,” Turley continued.

Garland has seemingly forced their hands. However, while the Attorney General may not believe that Biden has committed any sort of crime, he has, likely unintentionally, created a case for an impeachment inquiry. Isn’t that hilarious?

Turley explains, “With the investigative impediments created by the Weiss appointment and by Garland’s refusal to expressly extend the special counsel’s mandate to the allegations of Biden family influence-peddling, there is little choice but to commence an impeachment inquiry. The authority of the House is at its apex when carrying out its duties under the impeachment clause.”

This isn’t just about making Hunter Biden accountable to the law, though that is surely a part of the whole. No, Congress has a duty, as Turley stated, to investigate and find out if Joe Biden has been involved in any high crimes and misdemeanors and to impeach him for all offenses that violate his oath of office.

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