JAN. 6 UPDATE: Woman Files Suit Alleging Assault, Battery And Excessive Force At Hands Of DC Police

(Liberty Bell) – When it comes to the Jan. 6 Capitol “riot,” there is so much more that was going on than meets the eye, or meets the narrative unhinged leftists like Nancy Pelosi want us to believe.

Pelosi and her partisan cohorts are insisting that the Jan. 6 ordeal was an attempted insurrection against the US government as a result of President Trump lying to his supporters and whipping them up into hysterics during a speech just prior to the supposed storming of the Capitol.

This is what we’re supposed to believe. This is the justification for the scores of political prisoners being held in federal prisons for the better part of 2021, some without any court dates even scheduled.

What actually happened and what the left says happened, however, are two totally different things. Now, one Trump-supporting Jan, 6 protester is taking matters into her own hands and attempting to shed light on this pivotal fact.

Victoria C. White, who was at the Capitol on Jan. 6 and can be seen in video attempting to stop a man from breaking a window on the Capitol Building, has filed a civil suit against Washington DC and its Metropolitan Police Department alleging that she was brutally assaulted by police officers during the chaos of that day.

White alleges that she was beaten with a police baton nearly 40 times in just four minutes which resulted in trauma from years of physical domestic abuse being triggered.

The suit was filed on Wednesday, just one day before the one-year anniversary of the Capitol incident which the left would have us all believe was a result of angry Trump supporters who had been tricked into thinking the 2020 election was stolen. The left wants us to believe White is a criminal rather than a victim.

In reality, she and droves of other Trump supporters are the victims of what was most likely a Deep State event put on by FBI agents and other bad actors with the sole purpose of demonizing President Trump and conservatives.

Yes, Trump supporters got caught up in the chaos and in the moment and did partake in “storming” the Capitol building but their intentions were not likely to attempt an insurrection on the US government.

There were hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters gathered in DC to hear President Trump speak earlier in the day. If they really wanted to attempt an insurrection, they would have been successful. What happened was nothing more than a staged event with many real victims, like White, a Minnesota-raise, homeschooling mother of four.

“Nothing will ever right the wrong committed against Ms. White, but making sure that she is compensated for the egregious injuries that she suffered on January 6, 2021, is certainly a start,” White’s attorney, Joseph McBride, said in a statement, which was posted to Twitter along with unsettling footage of the alleged assault of his client.

He stated that his client who had a “newfound relationship with Jesus Christ” that helped her recover from ten years of domestic abuse in 2016, traveled to Washington, D.C. that week to be there to support President Trump because of her sincere belief that the 2020 election was stolen.

“She felt, deep in her gut, and in her heart, that President Donald J. Trump had wrongfully lost the election,” he stated. “Therefore, she felt compelled to go when she heard that people were going to protest the election results on January 6th in Washington, D.C.”

“Her decision to go was less of a choice and more of a civic duty, as she truly felt the election was stolen,” he said.

ABC 6 reports that the lawsuit asserts that White “did not harm, threaten or pose any threat to any federal or state agent while exercising her First Amendment and other rights” and alleges that she was “beaten with a metal baton approximately 35 times and punched in the face five times at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021, by a Metropolitan Police Officer believed to be a lieutenant, aided and abetted by other police officers.”

White is seeking $1,000,000 in damages and hopes to get a jury trial.

Meanwhile, in April of last year, White was charged in connection with her presence at the Capitol that day. The absurd charges range from knowingly entering restricted grounds without lawful authority to disorderly conduct to violent entry to obstruction of justice.

She is being charged with all of these crimes for simply partaking in her right to protest as an American citizen.

White pled not guilty in September and court documents stated that White could be seen on video engaging with other protesters who were trying to break a glass window. She was clearly trying to stop the protesters from breaking the window.

The FBI hunted her down after receiving an anonymous tip that she was present at the Capitol that day but she maintains her innocence and asserts that she did not break the law.

White is daring to buck back against the radical left with her civil suit and it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Never forget that there are nearly 200 Americans being treated as political prisoners of the Biden regime right now in the US. This is one of the scariest developments to come out of 2021.

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  1. Peter Pans and Pollyannas Destroyed the World

    This is not the Time for Being Pollyannish. There is not Anything to be Pollyannish About.

    Not being Pollyannish often labels women as mentally ill or difficult, because the men that are labeling them suffer from narcissism, and Peter Pan Syndrome and are too immature to face reality and would rather pretend that it does not exist because it is more satisfying to them than facing reality. It is more convenient for them to just send the women that are not Pollyanna to a shrink that will enable the Peter Pans so that they do not have to experience uncomfortable emotions rather than facing reality. In fact, if it wasn’t for shrinks, social workers, and psychiatrists, we probably would not even have most of the Peter Pans that we have.

    America has some extremely severe problems on its hands. It is infested with spies that are thieves, hackers, vandals, stalkers, and peeping Tom’s. If you want to claim that I am a loan wolf conspiracy theorist since I know that, because I have been their victim, then you will just sound like you are crazy or full of shit, in light of the overwhelming body of evidence, that being that America is suffering from systemic corruption, systemic crime, and systemic surveillance. It is not coincidental. It was the plan.

    Another extremely severe problem that America has on its hands is that it also is infested with kleptoquacks that feel no remorse or moral objection to falsely diagnosing people and even murdering them for their own financial gain, and if you call me a whacky loan wolf conspiracy theorist for knowing that since I have been their victim, you will just sound like you are crazy or full of shit in light of the overwhelming body of evidence, with over a century of charlatan practices including forced sterilizations and hospitalizations, Eugenics, the Bad Blood Experiment referred to as the Tuskegee Experiment since the start of the fake pandemic, the Millgram Experiment, radiation experiments on pregnant women and new borns, MKULTRA, the Human Brain Initiative, the opioid epidemic, the fake pandemic based on fake blood tests, and used for mandating fake vaccines that have harmed and killed more people than they have helped. 

    Another severe problem that America is suffering from is systemic dereliction of duty and systemic gross negligence, and if you will say that I am loan wolf conspiracy theorist for knowing that, since I have been a victim of it, you will just sound like you are completely crazy, or completely full of shit, in light of the overwhelming body of evidence including the faked plane attacks on the World Trade Towers and Pentagon, the seven false flag wars that followed suit, the repeated stock market bubbles and bail outs, the $21 trillion in Pentagon accounting errors between the years of 1998 and 2016, the opioid epidemic, and the fake pandemic based on fake blood tests used to mandate the total destruction of America and fake vaccines.

    Unfortunately, these problems are not unique to America. They are international, and I happen to know that, because I have been their victim.

    It is not only A Small World Afterall, it is tragically also a Cruel World Afterall, since the world is too small that to accomodate all of us peacefully and prosperously. 

    Life in America for those like myself that are not in the surveillance state and healthcare sector, is now synonymous with trying to survive inside a barrel of leeches, and for those in the surveillance state and health care sectors life is evidently synonymous with being brainless leeches. I have seen leeches in my yard, and they didn’t appear to be enjoying themselves either, they just slug along like leeches do being driven by a brain incapable of any higher functioning.

    Obviously, the psychos in the surveillance state have displayed the most outrageous Pollyannishness and Peter Pannishness possible, being so insanely optimistic that they could get away with such sick, evil, sadistic, down right satanic crimes against humanity, despite the vast enormity of the surveillance state and the millions, if not billions of people that occupy it. It is a well known fact that not everyone in the surveillance state thinks alike, in fact, they are literally killing each other in broad daylight everyday right before our eyes. There will undoubtedly be a multi- decades long cycle of retribution among various individuals, groups, and countries. Obviously, if so many individuals are willing to commit such a sick evil sadistic crime spree against me for my property, whoever steals it will undoubtedly face the same type of behavior from the enormous competetion in the surveillance state and those individuals will steal it from them. They have turned the country into a lawless banana bureaucracy. They are not human beings. They are satanic beasts. At what point did they make the conscious decisions to sell their souls to the devil? Or was it not a conscious decision, but just something that slowly happened over time in order to feed their own self-serving, narcissistic, megalomaniacal, mostrous egoes?

    Please, just start a voluntary euthanasia program now. Who in the hell do you think you are?! What in the hell is the matter with you?! You and your lifestyles are sick and offensive as hell!  I am sick and tired of watching this multi-layered Orwellian horror story unfold before my eyes, and I am sick and tired of being so many people’s victim of organized crime. It is not ok. I am not community property, neither is my brain, neither is my life, neither is my family, and neither is my property. I am sick of the parasitic surveillance state and leeching kleptoquacks that destroyed my life, my health, my brain, members of my family, my dog, and my property. I would rather be euthanized than have anything to do with you. You disgust me. You are the most anti-American people on earth. You are also the largest national security threat to America. You are also the largest terrorist network in America. The evidence is overwhelming. Read the constitution.

    The researches that are part of the American Brain Coalition must be tried for crimes against humanity, doing illegal brain surgery on people and illegal research on people without informing people that the surgery or research  is being done on them, and obviously without the consent of people for research and surgery that was done on them. 

    I am convinced that this was done to me. Of course nobody would ever consent to such research. I never did. Nobody admits that they have done it to me. RFIDs were illegally implanted in my ears and nose while unconscious at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee Hospital March 27,2014. The monsters involved in this should be sentenced to death. They have surpassed Josef Mengela. They blast me with short wave radio signals and spy on me 24/7, and use mind reading technology on me that occasionally repeats something that I just though with the short wave radio signals. The shortwave radio signals repeat nonsenical meaningless babbling chants, threats, intimidation, harrassment, and demands, none of which I would ever comply with. They are the scum of the eath. They are pseudo-scientists. They are monsters. They deserve the death sentence. It has resulted in Havana Syndrome, constant insomnia, a sudden inability to be able to cry immediately after the illegal unconsented surgery, and a sudden need for bifocals when I had 20/20 vision, and sudden rapid
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    Andrea Iravani


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