Is Trump-DeSantis A Winning Ticket? Rasmussen Reports Says…

(Liberty Bell) – It’s pretty clear Americans would prefer unity this 2024 election cycle. Especially where Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are concerned.

A new Rasmussen Reports survey has found that a Trump-DeSantis ticket would destroy Joe Biden and Kamala Harris by attracting many independents who are still sitting on the fence (despite the obvious damage being done to the country by Biden).

The survey found that if Trump and DeSantis joined up, that ticket would beat Biden-Harris 51%-43%. That’s the biggest margin for any potential GOP ticket and comes after a McLaughlin & Associates survey that shows Trump has consistently maintained a 47%-43% edge over Biden.

Many within the GOP have been hoping for Trump and DeSantis to team up which would be a good strategy because vice presidents often run for the presidency and it would only be one term. Many already regard DeSantis as the future of the Republican Party.

The two men, however, seem to prefer to go it alone and Trump dominates in polls when the two are pitted against each other. DeSantis is still wildly popular amongst conservatives but together they would be virtually unstoppable.

“Trump-DeSantis wins with women, independents, Hispanics, and college grads and does historically well with African Americans,” said Larry Ward, president of Political Media Inc., which commissioned the survey. “Trump-DeSantis also wins the national popular vote, which would be a first for Republicans in 20 years. Trump does well head-to-head against Biden, but adding DeSantis to the ticket is powerful,” he added.

We the People Convention President Tom Zawistowski, who supports the ticket, stated the survey shows “that a Trump/DeSantis Unity Ticket not only brings together Republican voters who may support one or the other, but also brings 5% more independent voters, 4% more men, and increases in support among every age group and every ethnicity by between 2% and 4%. It is clearly the winning combination that the majority of Americans want for 2024.”

Zawistowski remarked that the ticket and its margin of victory would give confidence of a likely win in November 2024, assuming we have a fair election.

“We can’t win if either Trump or DeSantis is up on Biden by 5% or 6% and if we are not over 50%. Across the poll, we see a 6% jump from people who would vote for ‘other’ who move to Trump-DeSantis. That is a big deal. Plus, a Trump-DeSantis Unity Ticket does well in the swing states,” he noted.

Other potential running mates were also tested by Rasmussen. A Trump-Kari Lake ticket would also beat Biden-Harris 47%-42%, however, putting Trump with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene results in a 44%-40% loss.

Zawistowski is pushing for the Trump-DeSantis ticket with a “We Want DonRon” campaign. He says he hopes the survey will draw attention and win support for a petition he has started that endorses the ticket.

He also asserted that he hopes DeSantis, who is expected to announce his candidacy this month, will instead focus on building a House and Senate MAGA candidate list to give a potential Republican presidency a working majority in 2025.

With all the polling showing that Trump dominates, it seems it would be more beneficial for DeSantis to stay out of the race for now and then join Trump on the ticket. It would certainly keep things amicable and civil while boosting the GOP’s chances of winning back the White House.

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