Hunter Biden Investigator To House Republicans: ‘This Is Totally About Joe Biden’

(Liberty Bell) – Years before the bombshell revelations contained in the New York Post report concerning the now infamous laptop of President Joe Biden’s miscreant progeny Hunter Biden dropped just days before the 2020 presidential election, Peter Schweizer, along with his Government Accountability Institute, presented documentary evidence that showed there were at least five members of the Biden family who were engaged in a global business peddling influence and access to the White House for large sums of money.

However, WND writer Art Moore wrote, “But as House Republicans prepare to investigate multimillion-dollar deals with the likes of Chinese Communist Party intelligence chiefs, and Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs, they need to maintain a single focus, advised the Government Accountability Institute’s director of research, Seamus Bruner, in a nearly hour long video interview with WND.”

“This is not about Hunter Biden. This is not about a laptop,” he proclaimed. “This is totally about Joe Biden.”

Bruner noted that the business ventures pursued by Hunter just happen to track along with the policy initiatives of Joe Biden. Hmmm. Interesting.

“When Joe Biden is a senator writing banking legislation, Hunter Biden is a lobbyist working for banking companies,” he stated. “So, when Joe Biden becomes vice president, that’s when Hunter really gets into the international dealings.”

Moore continued, “In 2009, President Obama made Joe Biden point man for Latin America policy, and after the vice president visited Costa Rica, brother Frank Biden’s company Sun Fund Americas struck a deal there. When Joe Biden was overseeing the Obama administration’s pivot to Asia, Hunter Biden accompanied his father on Air Force Two in 2013 to Beijing, where he obtained a 10% stake in a Chinese government-linked equity firm Bohai Harvest that eventually was worth $1.5 billion in working investment capital, as Schweizer and Bruner were first to report. With Joe Biden in charge of Ukraine policy and the U.S. anti-corruption agenda, Hunter Biden sat on the board of one of the nation’s most corrupt firms, Burisma, for a cool $1 million.”

“Did that deal have anything to do with Joe Biden – as he boasted in a Council on Foreign Relations meeting panel – threatening to withdraw $1 billion in U.S. aid to Ukraine if the nation’s top prosecutor, who was investigating Burisma at the time, was not fired immediately?”

“Among the many other deals was brother James Biden obtaining a housing contract in Iraq while Joe Biden oversaw the country’s reconstruction,” Moore added.

“It’s like insider trading, which is notoriously hard to prove,” Bruner stated during the interview. “But you see the pattern of transactions always just happening to be in the areas where Joe Biden is the policy point man.”

Bruner then shared that he and Schweizer became aware of the Bohai Harvest story while conducting research into their smash hit book, “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich,” which helped to open some eyes concerning how the Clinton Foundation and a “pay to play” scheme they were involved with suddenly became the focus of an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“We were shocked. And it’s only gotten worse, the more we find out – the Chinese intelligence connections, that it’s tens of millions of dollars directly into Biden family pockets,” he said.

“Schweizer has said that for Beijing, the deals – including the one with the strategic Communist Party-controlled CEFC China Energy in which a verified email indicates 10% was to go to ‘the big guy’ – are about espionage, Chinese intelligence having ‘their claws’ in the Biden family,” Moore commented.

“There’s at least five people tied to the highest levels of Chinese Communist Party intelligence who are enriching the son of the Vice President,” Bruner remarked.

There are several pieces of evidence on the laptop that reveal Hunter received the staggering sum of $4.8 million in the CEFC China Energy deal directly from the hands of Patrick Ho, who the younger son of Joe Biden described as “literally the f****** spy chief of China.” Now, this might have been a bit of an exaggeration of Ho’s actual status , but the federal government did obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) related to Ho, who served as a former Hong Kong home affairs secretary, clearly indicating that he was indeed a potential counterintelligence threat.

“CEFC chairman Ye Jianming has ties to the People’s Liberation Army, and CEFC itself was a crucial component of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative,’ established to spread the Chinese Communist Party’s influence and power globally. And when Ho was indicted by the U.S. Justice Department for a multimillion-dollar scheme to bribe top African leaders, his defense lawyers argued his actions were ‘in furtherance of the Chinese state’s agenda’ by promoting Belt and Road. Further, bank records show Hunter Biden was paid a $1 million retainer in March 2018 to legally represent Ho,” WND reported.

Bruner then asserted that the Biden’s are compromised and have created a very big national security threat.

Just a week ago, the the Associated Press pointed out that “Joe Biden has said he’s never spoken to his son about his foreign business” before opining that “nothing the Republicans have put forth suggests otherwise.”

However, Bruner then disclosed that the 2013 trip to Beijing by itself “completely blows out of the water Joe Biden’s and Hunter Biden’s outright lies that they never discussed business dealings, that Joe says he never met with any of Hunter Biden’s business partners.”

Bruner then observed that the 2013 introduction of Joe Biden to Hunter Biden’s business partner Jonathan Li, who served as the CEO of Bohai Harvest, wasn’t the first meeting of that kind. After combing through every message left on the laptop, the pair of investigators found that Biden had actually hosted a delegation of Chinese entrepreneurs in 2010.

The piece from the Associated Press noted, “there are no indications that the federal investigation involves the president,” making a reference to the investigation into Hunter carried out by the U.S. Attorney from Delaware, which kicked off in 2018 and was focused on potential tax law violations and other finances tied to his overseas business and consulting work.

“However, at a minimum, messages from the laptop indicate Hunter Biden was paying Joe Biden’s personal bills while he was vice president. And former partner in the CEFC China Energy deal, Tony Bobulinski – who has turned over all of his evidence to congressional investigators – has described Joe Biden’s role in the global family business as ‘chairman of the board,'” WND detailed.

So what, exactly, was the business selling?

Bruner says that’s the big question that congressional investigators need to answer. He then made the case that having gone through the laptop line-by-line, there is “no discernible work product.”

“The only emails are about, when is the money going to arrive?” he went on to explain. “You don’t have any reports drafted by Hunter on the climate of investment in the United States or anything like that. Hunter Biden just basically appears to be a bag man.”

The Bidens ended up receiving a total of $31 million in cash according to math completed by both Bruner and Schweizer. However, if digging is done to untangle the web of offshore accounts and corporate shell games, there’s probably a whole lot more than that.

“What, for example, will the 150 suspicious activity reports banks have filed with the Treasury Department on transactions by Hunter and James Biden reveal? So far, Biden’s Treasury has refused to release relevant financial documents to committee Republicans,” Moore penned in the WND article.

However, much to the chagrin of the Democratic Party, Republicans are taking the majority in January, which means the tables will finally have turned. Investigations are set to be launched into the various activities of the Biden family. Now all we need is to see the Bidens be like everyone else and held to the rule of law. No one should be above the law. We are equals underneath it.

That’s the system the left is trying so hard to destroy.

“With subpoena power and all of these suspicious activity reports, you can pull all of the bank records, you can pull the corporate documents of these offshore accounts,” Bruner continued in the interview. “I really hope that Congress goes after these documents hard.”

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