Guess Who’s Sabotaging Tucker Carlson’s Book Release

(Liberty Bell) – A biography being written about powerhouse conservative journalist and former host with Fox News, Tucker Carlson, is having its sales sabotaged by online retailer Amazon, according to the publisher as it drew in only 3,000 sales during its first week of release. And given the overall popularity of Carlson, which was already immense but has really spiked since Fox fired him, these kinds of low sales figures do not make any sense. The book should have sold gangbusters.

Claudia Aoraha, senior reporter for the Daily Mail, wrote that All Seasons Press, the publisher of the biography, took aim at the “craven forces” that are attempting to “silence” Tucker Carlson by reporting sales figures that are drastically lower than the 66,750 units that were shipped out to retailers.

“In a number crunch seen by, a total of 7,523 units of ‘Tucker’ by Chadwick Moore were shipped to Amazon the week of July 24 – while another 5,163 were shipped to the seller between August 1 and 3,” Aoraha reported. “With over 7,500 units on-hand in week one, and considering the fact Amazon sold out upon the launch, the publisher has questioned: ‘How could these units not have been sold and reported to BookScan?'”

The figure now being reported by BookScan, 3,227, would only be sales brought in from Barnes & Nobles, Books-a-Million, Baker Taylor, Walmart, and Sam’s Club. All Seasons Press believes there are some shenanigans going on in the figure being produced by Amazon.

“Amazon have also been accused of emailing preorder customers to ask if they wanted to cancel their orders, and fulfilling orders received after launch before customers who pre-ordered the book. The publisher also alleges that when Amazon emailed preorder customers, the seller made them log onto a desktop computer, to ‘proactively confirm they still wanted the book or face automatic cancellation,'” Aoraha remarked in her article.

The publisher then gave a statement to the Daily Mail addressing the situation saying, “In fact, in spite of what seems to be a concerted effort by Carlson’s detractors to prevent the success of Tucker, demand has been so strong that All Seasons Press has already ordered a second printing.”

The company went on to say that direct sales from the publishing house itself are “almost 6x the number of books reported by BookScan and the frenzied, error-ridden journalists.”

“As a result, All Seasons Press intend to investigate the ranking practices of BookScan – and they said that if needs be, they will ‘be forwarding these findings to the Federal Trade Commission,'” the publisher noted.

The new biography, penned by Chadwick Moore, was produced based on content taken from thousands of hours of interviews with Tucker Carlson that help provide a great deal of insight into the formative relationship he shared with his father, Dick Carlson.

Tucker’s dad was also a journalist, one who held to a belief in exposing his kids to work at an early age. In fact, he brought his children with him during a murder investigation, showing them a rather gruesome crime scene. That’s definitely not what we think of when it comes to “bring your kids to work day,” but hey, Carlson seems to have turned out okay.

The former Fox News superstar goes on to describe his dad as being a wonderful, committed parent, but someone who helped foster in him a sense of independence by placing them in uncomfortable spots and situations. In other words, he allowed his kids to fend for themselves in difficult scenarios in order to help them learn to think for themselves and learn problem solving so they would not be dependent on everyone else to bail them out.

“Though he was never much of a student, Carlson attended elite schools, where he was afforded the right connections – in addition to those provided by his father and stepmother. In college, through his father’s connections with Voice of America – the US state-owned media outlet that he led for a while – he and his best friend Neil Patel spent two months in Central America during the Contra War. Right after college, Carlson and his new wife – who he’d met at prep school – landed a comfortable life in the upscale Washington, DC neighborhood of Georgetown, where he worked for a while before briefly moving to Arkansas,” the Daily Mail stated.

After spending over a year in the state of Arkansas, the Carlson family packed up and went back to the nation’s capital, where he made use of his vast network of contacts to try and land a position at The Weekly Magazine.

In the book, Tucker Carlson also provides a bit of deep reflection on his childhood, calling it a “really positive thing.”

“[My father] once said to me, life is difficult at times but it’s not that hard to be happy if you put your mind to it,” Tucker commented while delivering a speech in Iowa last year.

“And my father’s happiness comes from his family – we have the world’s closest family… So, in every sense he’s a model for me,” he added.

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