Ex-White House Reporter Claims ‘MAGA And Christian Nationalism’ Bigger Threat Than Hamas!

(Liberty Bell) – Did you know, at one point, the dirty magazine Playboy, brainchild of the late Hugh Heffner, actually had a senior White House correspondent? Wild, right? That man was Brian Karem, and he recently issued a warning to the House of Representatives concerning Speaker Mike Johnson, referring to him as a “discount version of the apocalyptic orgasm the holy rollers have dreamed of for years.” I’m not sure this comment is going to have the impact that he was hoping for.

It seems that Karem, who is notorious for getting into verbal fisticuffs with press secretaries from the Trump era, is setting his sights on Republicans yet again. He recently put out a piece on Salon featuring the headline, “MAGA and Christian nationalism: Bigger threat to America than Hamas could ever be.”

Before diving deep into Karem’s article, at the outset it seems obvious that the reason Karem is so anti-Christian is because he does not want to be part of a society where Christian principles play a huge role as that would mean the vast majority of people in culture frown upon the many kind of activities the writer and journalist likely participates in.

“This was published less than a month after Hamas terrorists launched a multi-pronged terror attack on Israeli army bases, civilian communities and a music festival that led to at least 1,400 deaths and 240 kidnappings in Israel,” Fox News says.

Karem slammed “Johnson and the MAGA wing of the Republican Party” for “embracing the darkest verses of the Bible” and “pushing for an apocalypse.” He then made the ridiculous claim that “The House of Representatives, now run by Johnson, offers a discount version of the apocalyptic orgasm the holy rollers have dreamed of for years” and are “determined to convert the U.S. into a theocracy.”

Here’s a truth bomb Karem and many liberals will utterly despise, but that makes it no less true. Every government on earth is a theocracy. To find out which god they serve, look at their laws and principles. Not all religions or systems of belief are equal, despite what the progressives want you to believe.

After the journalist attacked members of the GOP for wanting “no separation of church and state” and for attempting to build an “isolationist country surrounded by walls,” he quoted a popular Democrat to insult “theocrats.”

Two observations.

One, nobody is advocating getting rid of the separation of church and state. The state needs to stay out of the church’s business, which is the original intent behind this very idea. Secondly, this concept does not mean the separation of state and God. A person does not have to leave their worldview at the door when conducting business in the legislative branch.

“Rep. Jamie Raskin of Maryland, a constitutional scholar, says there was a solid reason for this much-debated and carefully written clause,” he noted, quoting the congressman as remarking, “The framers taught us that the biggest threat to religious freedom comes from theocrats who try to establish their own sect over everyone else. That’s why we have two religion clauses in the First Amendment.”

The former Playboy White House correspondent followed that gem with a claim saying Republicans “despise free thought and independence, and are happy to play games with a government shutdown — the modern equivalent of fiddling while it all burns.” That whole “free thought” business is real rich coming from a progressive, the folks who invented cancel culture.

He then whined “Joe Biden’s popularity continues to shrink faster than unemployment, threatening to make him the 2024 equivalent of Jimmy Carter — a one-term president who will be admired after he leaves office more than he ever was while holding it,” going on to add, “Part of that is Biden’s fault. Part of it is because of people like Mike Johnson, who claim we don’t live in a democracy and that Gawd oversees our government.”

As usual, the leftist doomsayer then claimed that “most people” today live in a time of fear. Seems a bit dramatic, right?

“So whether it is a possible world war, stochastic terrorism, Christian theocracy, climate change, Donald Trump, our own government or something else unforeseen, for most people it is a time of trepidation and terror,” he continued.

No matter which way you look at it, the real reason people like Karem are so terrified of our laws being built on the foundation of Christian principles is because they are worried that their dark deeds behind closed doors will be made illegal or something of that nature. Truth be told, a theocratic society based on the Bible is not going to be nearly as restrictive as these folks think.

To be consistent with the Bible, there needs to be way more freedom and less control by the federal government. Ironic how that works, right? The left is creating what they are most afraid of in an attempt to supposedly stop the right from building the kind of society they fear.

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