Creepy Joe: Mag Reveals Biden Regularly Discusses THIS With Staffers

(Liberty Bell) – Is President Joe Biden a raging pervert?

There are currently a few narrative threads being spun to try and improve Biden’s perception among the American people, as his approval rating is located somewhere south of pond scum at the moment. The direction this propaganda campaign has taken is to make him seem youthful, virile, and, well, a very sexual person. I know you probably threw up in your mouth a little at the mention of such an idea.

As per BizPac Review, “With the octogenarian leader’s team in desperation mode to shift the narrative after the report by special counsel Robert Hur further contributed to suspicions that Biden is senile, New York Magazine’s The Intelligencer depicts the 81-year-old as having the libido of a far younger man.”

“As part of a presidential team effort to combat the widely held belief among voters that Joe Biden is too old to serve a second term, his aides have been giving reporters more of a peek at the man they know behind the scenes,” The Intelligencer wrote.

“Stating that Biden can bully staffers who ‘aren’t performing up to standards,’ the outlet says ‘that he can ‘also get a little spicy, in a Diamond Joe sort of way,’ linking to a page by the satirical website The Onion portraying him in macho scenes,” BPR disclosed.

“The Intelligencer cites a Washington Post puff piece about the deeply unpopular president’s ‘private chats and chance encounters’ that in addition to being Soviet-level propaganda, divulges that during the height of the COVID pandemic that Biden ‘wanted to know how college students went on dates,'” BPR said.

“Specifically, Biden wondered how young people could ‘make love’ under the circumstances, according to two aides who heard the president use that phrase multiple times during his first year in office,” the WaPo’s Tyler Pager revealed.

This is a really bad look for a man who has been accused of sexual assault and carries a reputation for being creepy around women, including young girls. He should probably stick to acting professionally instead of being, well, pervy.

Folks on X were disgusted by the revelations:

A few users on the platform also noted the obvious double standard, as liberals would be foaming at the mouth with fury if something similar were published about former President Donald Trump or any other member of the GOP.

I don’t think this is going to rehabilitate Biden’s public image. At all. In fact, I think it will only add to the perception that he’s a sexual miscreant, decreasing his poll numbers even more. Heck, it’s almost like Democrats are just trying to hand over the presidency to Trump.

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