CNN Admits The Truth About Donald Trump, Leaks Biden’s Worst Nightmare On Live TV

(Liberty Bell) – There have been a lot of strange things happening in the country and around the world over the course of the last few years, but nothing could possibly prepare me — or you — for the day when one of the biggest Democrat propaganda makers, CNN, would actually admit that things are not looking good for President Joe Biden’s reelection next year, especially if he faces off against former President Donald Trump. It’s the truth, so why in the world would CNN say it out loud? Why broadcast a message that does not push or promote the agenda their Democratic Party overlords have crafted for them?

Bryan Chai of The Western Journal reports, “In a Saturday analysis, CNN’s Harry Enten began the piece as you would expect any left-leaning outlet to: By vigorously reminding the reader how awful Trump is.”

“A plurality of Americans and independents think Donald Trump should have been charged with a crime in each of his four indictments, according to ABC News/Ipsos polling,” Enten stated to kick off his article. “A majority of Americans said in a new AP-NORC survey that they definitely won’t vote for the former president in the 2024 general election.”

And this is where things start to get interesting.

“Yet, Trump continues to hold a mammoth lead for the Republican presidential nomination and is polling within the margin of error of President Joe Biden in a hypothetical general election matchup,” Enten continued.

He went on to explain, “While paragraphs one and two seem contradictory, they’re really not. Americans don’t like Trump, but Republicans do. And general elections aren’t referendums on one candidate but a choice between two or more – and Americans, as a whole, dislike both Trump and Biden.”

Is it the fact that Trump is growing in popularity? Or is Biden becoming more and more unpopular as time moves on? In reality, it’s probably a mixture of both that is causing the gap between Trump and Biden in the polling data to get smaller and smaller.

We’ve witnessed the all out war that Democrats have launched against the former president this year as they have weaponized the justice system to try and take out Biden’s top political rival. Trump is facing, as of this writing, four federal indictments with an absolute ton of charges. They are trying to nail him for supposedly attempting to overturn election results, start the riots on Jan. 6, 2021, and for classified documents found in his private Florida residence, among many other charges.

It seems they were hoping this would destroy the man, but it is having the opposite effect. The American people aren’t stupid. They can see through the smokescreen.

“Just look at Enten’s tone as he waves the white flag on Trump’s popularity while speaking to CNN’s Jim Acosta on Saturday,” Chai noted.

“The polling indicates that Trump is, in fact, in a stronger position at this point than he was during the entire 2020 campaign,” Enten remarked during his chat with Acosta.

“If anything, Trump’s position within his party has become stronger since the beginning of the year. A majority (54%) of Republicans have a strongly favorable opinion of him in Fox News polling released this week, which is up 11 points from the end of last year. No other Republican candidate for president reaches even half of Trump’s current percentage,” Enten declared.

Despite the fact that leftists are admitting Trump is giving Biden a fight to remember, conservatives and Republicans need to push forward, fight harder, and not get lazy, comfortable, or complacent. The lead we’re beginning to take can slip through our fingers in a moment.

“Take note that Enten and CNN are fretting that Trump is polling competitively with Biden. Nobody is worried about Trump running away with the general election. It’s going to be a bloodbath of a general election (the GOP primary appears to be all but over, although it’s still way too early to say one way or another at the moment) and every vote will count. Just because certain polls show Trump winning in a landslide doesn’t make it imminent,” Chai explained.

So, yes, celebrate the fact that CNN can’t deny the truth on this one, but don’t forget we’re still a long way away from the election next year and anything can happen.

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