BREAKING: Speaker Johnson Announces His First Bill… Gets Standing Ovation

(Liberty Bell) – Newly minted Speaker of the House Mike Johnson received a standing ovation from colleagues in the lower chamber of Congress as he introduced his first bill since taking over the position, which is a piece of legislation that offers aid for the nation of Israel. Johnson already has a well established reputation for being a man of integrity and principle, so this being his initial act of business as the Speaker is surely an indication of the kind of work we can expect going into the future.

“The world needs us to be strong. They need us to remember our creed and our admonition,” the Louisiana Republican went on to state during comments he made on the House floor regarding the first bill he was bringing up for a vote. And he could not be more right. For many, many decades, the United States has been at the forefront of the free world, helping Israel as Israel provides support for countries around the globe in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism. Unfortunately, with President Joe Biden at the helm, we’ve neglected our solemn duty to lead on the geopolitical stage like we have in the past.

“Turmoil and violence have rocked the Middle East and Eastern Europe — we all know it — and tensions continue to build in the Indo-Pacific,” Johnson added, according to The Western Journal. “The country demands strong leadership of this body, and we must not waver.”

“Our nation’s greatest ally in the Middle East is under attack,” he continued. “The first bill that I’m going to bring to this floor in just a little while will be in support of our dear friend Israel, and we’re overdue in getting that done.”

As the new Speaker made those remarks, the chamber rose to their feet and gave him a standing ovation. That’s the kind of respect we need to be seeing in the House and Senate. It takes a special leader to bring the best out in people.

“We’re going to show not only Israel but the entire world that the barbarism of Hamas that we have all seen play out on our television screens is wretched and wrong, and we are going to stand for the good in that conflict,” Johnson said.

“Israel declared war against Hamas after militants from the Islamist group killed thousands of civilians in an Oct. 7 attack, the worst in Israel’s history. Johnson took over as House speaker on Wednesday following three weeks of wrangling to determine who would replace California Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who was ousted after only nine months in the speaker’s chair,” the report noted.

“McCarthy became the first speaker ever removed in the middle of a session after he pushed through a measure to avert a government shutdown with majority Democratic support, angering some Republicans,” The Western Journal continued. “A number of prominent Republicans mounted ill-fated bids for the position, including Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Majority Leader Steve Scalise of Louisiana. Johnson was the GOP conference’s fourth nominee.”

The situation in Israel is one that needs our attention. There seem to be forces at work in the Middle East that have a much bigger plan, one that involves dragging the rest of the world into a third global conflict. I’m speaking, of course, of Iran. Much of Islam, which is the official religion of Iran, who is also the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorist activity, centers around the end times when they believe a total, all-out war against unbelievers is necessary in order to usher in the climax of human history. One of the only ways to create such a war is to ensure the greatest super power on earth, the United States, gets pulled into the fray.

Strong leadership is critical right now. Unfortunately, our commander-in-chief is a brittle, elderly man fading into the twilight who barely knows his own name. That hardly speaks of strength.

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