BOMBSHELL REPORT: Newsom’s Wife Intervened To End Debate Against DeSantis (VIDEO)

(Liberty Bell) – If you’ve ever wondered what a beta male is, just look at California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom and you’ll immediately grasp the concept. This was put on full display during the recent debate he participated in on Fox News with Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis. Newsom took such a bad beating during the event that he had to be rescued by his wife who threw the towel in on his behalf. You might be a beta if your wife has to rescue you like a damsel in distress. Talk about pathetic, I had second-hand embarrassment for Newsom.

Jack Davis, writer for The Western Journal reports, Jennifer Siebel Newsom said, “We’re done,” backstage during a break, according to sources at NBC News.

Reportedly, both DeSantis and Newsom had decided to keep going for at least another 30 minutes, but the word of Mrs. Newsom reigned supreme. However, a source quoted by Politico, who was not named, declared both sides were ready to end the event.

The California governor himself stated that “everyone started panicking on both sides” because both individuals “had someplace to be.”

“Ron didn’t want to do the debate anymore, either. Everyone shook hands and left,” a Newsom aide remarked. However, Andrew Romeo, a spokesperson for DeSantis asserted, “Gavin Newsom got beat so badly last night his wife literally had to throw in the towel for him. It was embarrassing.”

Nathan Click, a spokesman for Newsom noted the real issue they were having during the event was the moderator, Sean Hannity.

“As DeSantis did worse and worse, Sean Hannity tried harder and harder to rehabilitate him,” Click commented. “Gavin Newsom crushed Ron DeSantis deep on his home turf.”

“The Newsom camp also claimed Hannity broke agreed-upon debate rules by showing the television audience on-screen graphics. The Democratic side accused DeSantis of cheating as well,” Davis reported.

Spoken like a bunch of sore losers.

“Casey DeSantis, the governor’s wife as well as one of his political advisers, was seen speaking with her husband during an intermission, even though the rules allegedly barred the debaters from receiving advice. The quick huddle took place as a group of DeSantis aides lined up near a bathroom, according to Politico,” he added.

“She was ready to coach him when his fake bathroom break happened,” the Newsom aide proclaimed. “Our guy never left the podium once. He didn’t take a bathroom break. We didn’t have any interaction with him the whole debate. He knew the rules and followed them.”

Continuing to whine, Newsom’s team accused DeSantis of disregarding the rules, which designated that the pair could only bring a pad and pen to the stage. DeSantis brought a number of graphics on stage with him. However, the rules did not prohibit the use of props, so yeah, he’s all good. The graphics displayed various locations where human feces were discovered on the streets of San Francisco, along with photos highlighting sickening sexual deviancy in California school books.

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