Biden Secretly Selling Off Parts Of Trump’s Border Wall

(Liberty Bell) – A brand new report reveals that the Biden administration has been sneakily auctioning off millions of dollars worth of unused parts that were originally going to be used for former President Donald Trump’s border wall.

An article published by the New York Post says, “Since April, GovPlanet, an online auction house specializing in military surplus, has sold 81 lots of steel ‘square structural tubes’ — intended for use as vertical bollards in the border barrier’s 30-foot-tall panels — hauling in about $2 million. On Tuesday, GovPlanet netted $154,200 for 729 of the 28-foot-tall hollow beams, sold in five separate lots for an average $212 apiece. Thirteen more lots are set to be auctioned on Aug. 23 and Aug. 30.”

However, in July, as one part of the annual defense appropriations package, the Senate — led by leftist Democrats — passed a GOP sponsored bill that was aimed at pushing Biden to actually take action to stem the tide of the border crisis by extending the length of the wall.

The NY Post disclosed that almost $300 million worth of taxpayer funded components have been just sitting there, rusting away, since Joe Biden took over the Oval Office, according to Republicans.

“The Finish It Act will make the feds use those materials on new wall construction — or hand the remaining stock over to states like Texas for use in their own border defense projects. Now, the Biden administration is rushing to get rid of the wall leftovers before the GOP-led House can pass a matching version of the bill and make it law, critics told The Post,” Mary Kay Linge, Matthew Sedacca, and Jon Levine wrote in the Post.

“This sale is a wasteful and ludicrous decision by the Biden administration that only serves as further proof they have no shame,” Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), the bill’s sponsor, went on to tell The Post — slamming the move as “outrageous, behind-the-scenes maneuvering.”

“Leaving the border open to terrorists while selling border security materials at a loss is Bidenomics in a nutshell,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), a co-sponsor of the legislation, asserted.

“The pennies made from selling the border wall will not be enough to pay the families who suffer from a criminal act committed by someone who crossed our open borders during the Biden administration,” Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford remarked.

Another Republican who was very displeased with the tactics being employed by the Biden administration was Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York who referred to the fire sale as being “reckless.”

“Our borders continue to be overrun by an unprecedented number of illegal immigrants, turning every district into a border district, and compromising our national security.” Stefanik commented.

The GovPlanet auction started to really gain steam in May, when Wicker first introduced the Finish It Act and it once again increased just this month, mere days after the defense bill was passed in the Senate.

A spokesman for the Defense Department identified the tubes, which are being held in an outdoor storage lot in Pima County, Arizona, labeling them “excess border wall materials.”

“The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers … has already transferred approximately $154 million worth of the roughly $260 million of bollard panels and other materials,” noted Lt. Col. Devin T. Robinson, who employed the use of Defense Department lingo for the process of consigning military surplus items to commercial resellers or the trash heap.

“Profits from the sale flow back to the Pentagon’s budget. But GovPlanet is under strict instructions to keep the border-wall connection hush-hush,” the piece continued.

“We are legally not allowed to mention these are the border wall materials, or we could lose our jobs,” a GovPlanet source went on to inform the Daily Upside, a financial newsletter that first reported the ongoing sales.

Those who viewed the company’s Instagram profile containing pictures of the tubes were not fooled by the fact that they tried to avoid detailing the actual purpose for the materials.

“Good for building a wall,” a user named ‘honest_jake’ posted Aug. 3 on GovPlanet’s Instagram post touting the sale of ‘industrial steel tubing’— an entry that was removed from the social platform on Friday.

“Why don’t you put that up instead of selling it,” Brian Prewitt stated. “This is why taxpayers are just about done paying taxes.”

Biden does not want to act on the current border crisis because the left is trying to shift the demographics in this country to ensure they have a massive advantage in future elections. Bring over illegals, hook them on free stuff, fill them with propaganda that says the GOP wants to take away their welfare benefits, ensure they can vote illegally, and bus them to the polls.

It’s a sick and twisted strategy that treats people like political pawns instead of human beings. This is why the wall was never finished and the border crisis remains unchecked. And it’s one more reason why we need to see Biden voted out of office in 2024.

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