Biden Rocked On Morning Of 80th Birthday As His Worst Nightmare Comes True

(Liberty Bell) – President Joe Biden probably didn’t have the stellar birthday celebration he was hoping for when he received his present from billionaire owner of Twitter Elon Musk. Can you guess what the gift was? How about former President Donald Trump having his account on the bird app reinstated on Saturday, the day before Biden turned 80 years old?

Now, that might not be the kind of thing Biden and his followers are happy about, but it certainly made a lot of folks on the right thrilled, and rightly so. Trump should have never been removed from the platform from the get-go. He was pulled supposedly due to his part in causing the riot at the Capitol on Jan.6, 2021, despite the fact he posted several times for people participating in the rally outside to not engage in violence as the Republican Party is supposed to be the party of law and order.

According to The Western Journal, it wasn’t known if Biden found out about Trump being reinstated on Saturday evening or if he was made aware of it on his actual birthday, but you know by now he’s probably throwing a foot stamping hissy fit. And the thought of that is just pure deliciousness.

“The Biden administration hasn’t issued any public statement in reaction to the development. However, Biden did suggest that the federal government could look into Musk’s ownership of Twitter for potential legal violations earlier this month. The new Twitter owner and mega billionaire announced that Trump would be reinstated to Twitter in a Saturday night tweet,” Richard Moorehead wrote for the outlet.

Trump’s account was brought back after Musk created a poll on Twitter and asked users if they wanted to see former President Trump come back to Twitter. Keep in mind that Trump is considered to be one of the most prolific users of the social media company’s platform in its history, and that includes his use before going into politics.

One thing the left is no doubt shaking in their boots over is what might happen if Trump actually decides to start employing the use of Twitter as the 2024 presidential election creeps closer and closer. There could be some rather serious implications, politically speaking, if the former president uses his account. After all, it was tweeting that helped him build his base and keep in touch with those who agreed with his America first agenda.

“It’s not a sure bet that the @realDonaldTrump handle will come back into use, however. Trump has indicated several times that he intends to maintain his primary social media presence on Truth Social, an alternative platform controlled by the former President,” Moorehead remarked.

Keep in mind that Biden is now 80-years-old, which makes him the oldest president in our nation’s history. When Reagan ended his time in the White House he was 77, which is a record that was broken by the current commander-in-chief the very day he took office. He was 78 at the time.

If Biden is reelected in 2024, that means Biden would end up finishing his second term at 86 years of age. Let that sink in for a minute. If you think his cognitive decline is bad now, and it most certainly is, just imagine what it might be like when the guy is 86. Yikes.

Now, Trump himself isn’t what you’d call “young.” He’s currently 76-years old and would finish his second term, if he wins in 2024, at the age of 82. But there’s one crucial difference between Biden and Trump. The former president’s health and mental fitness far exceed that of the Democrat.

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