“YOU’RE NEXT!”: LeBron Tweets, Then Deletes, Threat To Cop Who Protected Black Girl From Being Stabbed

(Liberty Bell) – NBA basketball star LeBron James recently tweeted in a post that’s now been deleted, a photograph of a police officer who saved the life of a young black girl who was about to be stabbed by shooting the culprit, also a black girl, before she had an opportunity to bury a knife deep into the would-be victim.

According to Infowars, James posted the photo with a caption that read, “YOU’RE NEXT. #Accountability,” on Wednesday, along with an hourglass emoji that signaled to the officer his time was running out.

James went on to delete the photograph and its accompanying caption after catching a whole lot of criticism for his comments.

The National Fraternal Order of Police noted that the officer involved in the Columbus incident actually saved a young girl’s life when he stopped 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant from being able to stab her.

Here’s the picture in question:

And, as usual, hardcore left-wing celebrities attempted to try and get in on the action and spin the whole Columbus incident to make it look like this was an example of another racist cop shooting a black person, only to end up looking like a couple of fools.

Former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett and alleged “comedian” Kathy Griffin are the two offenders in question.

Jarrett herself actually said that the officer was wrong for attempting to “break up a knife fight,” essentially saying that instead of actually doing his job to serve and protect, the officer should have just allowed Bryant to stab the other girl. This, ladies and gentlemen, is proof the liberal mind is thoroughly diseased.

“A Black teenage girl named Ma’Khia Bryant was killed because a police officer immediately decided to shoot her multiple times in order to break up a knife fight. Demand accountability. Fight for justice. #BlackLivesMatter,” Jarrett posted in a tweet on Wednesday.

Here are some responses to Jarrett:

It’s also important to note that the would-be victim in this case did not have a knife of her own to defend herself with. Therefore, this was not a knife fight. It was an attempted murder.

And if that glaring stupidity isn’t enough, how about the comment made by Kathy Griffin:

Celebrities, which includes sports stars like LeBron James, seem to be absolutely out of their minds. Do none of these people have a fully functioning brain in their skulls? Their own agenda, which was spoon fed to them by liberal politicians, is actually causing their intelligence to short circuit.

James has a huge platform with followers in the millions. His opinion, unfortunately, does matter. He uses his platform to help influence people of all ages who hang on his every word. His posting this photograph, with that awful caption, without understanding the context of the situation is dangerous.

This officer is clearly a hero. Ask the girl whose life he saved whether or not she thinks he’s a good cop or a bad cop. Ask that girl’s family. You know the response you will get.

Video: Columbus police hold press conference after officer shoots, kills 16-year-old girl

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