WINNING: Florida Now Has The LOWEST Rate Of New Covid Cases Per Capita In The Nation

(Liberty Bell) – Despite the media’s relentless demonizing of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over his refusal to trample on the basic rights and personal liberties of Floridians, the state now has the lowest COVID rates in the country.

How could that possibly have happened if DeSantis has not demanded Floridians to mask up and continue to live under Draconian rules and edicts?

Florida is now leading the nation in getting the so-called pandemic under control and the best part is they did it on their own while largely ignoring the “recommendations” of the tyrannical regime’s “health experts.”

According to the most recent data that was published by the CDC, Florida now has the lowest rate of new COVID cases in the country based on per capita. The state COVID rates are well below that of Democratic dystopias like California and New York and states with the highest vaccination rates like Vermont and Rhode Island.

What more proof do people need to see that the Democrats’ tyrannical policies are not working to stop COVID and only serve to squash the rights of Americans?

Florida is now averaging just 60.6 new cases per 100,000 residents a day. This is nothing compared to blue states. Just look at New York where there are 129.8 new cases per 100,000 people per day and Biden’s home state Delaware where it’s even worse at 211.1 new daily cases per capita (screen shot here).

Florida, for the most part, was kept entirely open with DeSantis refusing to bend and conform to the radical left’s demands to lockdown, mask up and live in fear.

Now the Sunshine State is leading the country in economic success and boasts the lowest COVID rates. It sure would appear that Florida, led by DeSantis, is winning!

Naturally, rabid, unhinged leftists hate DeSantis for his stance in protecting the rights of Floridians over instituting heavy-handed, overreaching mandates and edicts. The mainstream media has gone into full-blown hysterics over what they deem DeSantis’ negligence in protecting the citizens of Florida.

The MSM hacks have done nothing but smear DeSantis for months, with hit piece after hit piece, claiming that DeSantis is some kind of unstable conspiracy theorist for daring to uphold the Constitution and claiming that DeSantis was essentially killing people with his lackadaisical policies.

An unhinged progressive group called “Remove Ron” even created a horror-movie-style propaganda piece depicting Florida as if it was some sequel to “The Purge” and includes several clips of DeSantis saying things like “we trust people to make their own decisions in the state of Florida” to prove that Florida has become too dangerous for its own good.

These people are seriously insane.

Despite all of the hate and fear-mongering, DeSantis has stayed true to his message and stood firm for freedoms and liberties and now Florida is, by all accounts, experiencing surging success in every aspect.

As Clay Travis points out, Florida was able to accomplish this “without mask or vaccine mandates, which he explains is why DeSantis is able to have such an impact in the fight against the left’s power grab.

“This is why Ron DeSantis terrifies the coronabros. Because all their shutdowns and mandates, which destroy freedoms, provide no benefits.”

Copyright 2021.


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