Who Is Really Running The Country? The Answer Will Shock You…

(Liberty Bell) – Political writer Wayne Allyn Root has given tons of speeches all across the United States over the course of the last month, all of them in front of very conservative crowds, a few business leaders, patriots, and Bible-believing Christians.

According to Root’s recent piece published by the Gateway Pundit, he’s not at all been shy of informing them that he thinks Joe Biden, who is currently in the White House, is nothing more than a “brain-dead zombie puppet, incapable of knowing the difference between his wife and sister. I’m certain his wife Jill feeds him baby food in the White House basement — in a mask.”

Root went on to say in his piece that he believes Biden should be placed in a 24/7 care nursing home and should definitely not be living in the White House and making decisions for the future of our nation. Root then went further claiming that Biden should hang a sign around his neck that says, “Hi, I’m Joe. If I get lost, please call my mommy Jill to come get me at 800-WHITE-HOUSE.”

As you can see, Root is not the kind of person who minces words. He speaks his mind openly with zero filter between the thoughts in his brain and what comes out of his mouth. Given the political correctness of this era, it’s actually very refreshing.

“Joe Biden is not running America. Check out poor Joe’s press conferences. As soon as his empty mind starts to wander, or the press asks him any question more difficult than, ‘What is your favorite flavor ice cream?’ someone cuts off his microphone. Who? Who makes that decision? Who gives that order?” Root writes in the piece.

“Find that guy or group. Because they are clearly more powerful than the President of the United States. That guy or group is running our country,” he goes on to say. “Joe doesn’t know what he’s saying. He doesn’t know what he’s signing. He’s a puppet. He’s a wooden dummy.”

However, Root then states that the real question we need to be asking right now is who is the person pulling Biden’s strings? Who is really running our country at the moment?

Root says that there is currently a Communist takeover of the United States underway, but who is responsible for carrying out this plan? Who put it together? Who is the actual person talking when Joe Biden opens his mouth?

According to Root, there are three evil groups who are involved in the current plan to destroy our nation and rebuild it in the image of Marx.

The first, Root reveals, is former President Barack Obama, saying he’s “back for his third term, to finish the job he started- the destruction of America, American exceptionalism, capitalism, and the great American middle class.”

However, Obama isn’t the head honcho. No, there’s someone else just ahead of him in the second group, which is led by evil billionaire George Soros who is “giving Obama his marching orders. In the end, money talks. Soros has all the money in the world, along with a burning passion to destroy America. Obama takes his marching orders from Soros. Obama is Soros’s little b—tch.”

So who is the third and final group, the ones who are behind the takeover and are, as Root puts it, the “real power behind the throne?” That would be China and the Chinese Communist Party.

“Everyone is taking orders from China and the CCP. China bribes all the politicians in America and around the world with billions in offshore bank accounts. China owns Biden and his family. China owns virtually the entire leadership of the Democrat Party. And quite a few establishment RINO Republicans too,” Root states.

“It’s easy to see China is the top dog. You’d have to be blind, deaf or really dumb to not see that. Everything happening in Biden’s first ten months in office just happens to weaken and divide America, while benefiting China,” he writes.

“Open borders- Biden is inviting millions of poverty-stricken, diseased illegal aliens into our country; Covid lockdowns; mask mandates; vaccine mandates; massive inflation; the highest energy prices in years; massive job losses (see Friday’s jobs report disaster); the idiotic, disgraceful withdrawal from Afghanistan; massive welfare payments to Americans for not working; bankrupting America with obscene spending plans; raising the debt ceiling; proposed tax rates higher than communist China; using the FBI, DOJ, mainstream media, and social media to dispense propaganda and oppress, ban and censor opposing viewpoints; rooting patriots and warriors out of the military and replacing them with brainwashed communists and transsexuals; defunding the police; brainwashing our children with Critical Race Theory; and using the FBI to arrest and intimidate parents speaking out at local school board meetings,” Root goes on to explain.

In other words, the United States is currently being hit from a thousand different directions. The purpose for this sort of attack is to weaken and destroy the United States while providing China and the CCP with an advantage over us.

This is a strategy that has been ripped right out of the pages of the communist playbook. Root says it’s a combination of the Cloward-Piven strategy and “Rules for Radicals” penned by Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his masterwork to Lucifer. No joke. He actually did that.

So what are we supposed to do in response to this hostile takeover of the land of the free?

Root says that it’s time to take up the mantle of Dr. Martin Luther King. We need to start protests, boycotts, strikes, intimidation, and civil disobedience. It’s time that patriots stop being the “silent majority.” We have to make our voices heard.

We have to get down and dirty, willing to fight for our liberty because future generations are depending on us to preserve this country and the values it stands for, so they can enjoy a free world.

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  1. I just had an epiphany regarding the nature of black holes.

    It is my hypothesis that black holes draw matter that cannot escape into them, and will continue doing so until they reach critical mass and can be reborn as stars again.

    We will all be sucked into Sagittarius A, the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy at some point, by gravitational pull, if we live long enough.

    We are practically on the event horizon. That is like wow!

    Andrea Iravani

  2. Imagine an intelligence agaency that is so secret that it does not even have a name, and so secret that the majority of people that are part of it, are completely unaware of its existence. Imagine that those individuals work in banks throughout the world. Imagine that this secret intelligence agency has been able to persuade almost every nation in the world to permit it to oversee their finances, and negoiate settlements on their behalf.

    Imagine that it has persuaded business and world leaders to attend an economic forum every year.

    Imagine that those agents oblivious to their participation in it have been bankrupting the banks that they work for and the countries that they live in.

    Imagine that this secret intelligence agency dictates policies to countries, worlld leaders, and businesses that are based on absolute scientific fraud for the purpose of destabilizing their governments, businesses, and economies so that they can all be overthrown. Imagine that they control all of the intelligence agencies around the world.

    Andrea Iravani

  3. How long will the Bureaucrats, including the surveillance state continue making absolute asses out of themselves for, by refusing to admit that covid-19 is a mythological virus? Your guess is as good as mine. Probably until they die would be my guess. Who will stop them?

    I propose that for starters people stop claiming that America has 19 intelligence agencies! At this rate, it does not even appear that America even has 19 intelligent people!

    Andrea Iravani

  4. Over the weekend, NPR featured a BBC radio show which had a psychologist on that I suspect was from the CIA telling listeners that they should forgive people for things that perpetrators have done to them, even if the perpetrators have no remorse for what they have done. That is why I believe that he works for the CIA, and I think that many psychologists, sociologists, social workers, psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurses in America do work for the CIA because control, mind control, and societal control have been primary objectives of theirs for their entire history, and the levels of control that they wish to usurp have only increased over time, in what appears to be synonymous with any type of addictive behavior, whether it is alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or compulsive gambling. Obviously, the banana bureaucrats have a vested interest in creating a very large segment of the population that is willing to be victims of the bureaucracy’s abusive behavior, which is unhealthy for the entire country. They do not care about the entire country though, they only care about the bureaucrats and the bureaucracy who are incapable of surviving without a very large group of victims that they feed off of like cannibals.

    Obviously, if someone is given the choice of either being alone or being with enemies that are violating their rights, and also refuse to stop violating their rights, and similarly refuse to take responsibility for their actions, it is easier to survive by being alone than it is with predators that are attacking.

    It works out really well for the predators that have victims that have accepted their victimhood. The victims do not fare so well though.

    The psychologist also said that if victims do not forgive their perpetrators, that they will experience the negative emotion of resentment and other people will not want anything to do with them because of it. 

    What the psychologist does not acknowledge though, is that a pattern of forgiving perpetrators for their behavior that never plan on changing or stopping their predation, will lead to the victims resenting themselves for being victims. That is perfect for the perpetrators and that is what they want. They want people to remove all blame from them and take on all of the blame for being victims and turn into self-loathing people for forgiving people. 

    Nobody can escape from living with themselves. It is physically impossible to survive. It is better not to resent yourself for being tolerant of abuse than it is to resent the abusers. The only other option would be to be to make a conscious decision to be fully committed to permanent victimhood status.

    If people are acting as predators and refuse to stop or acknowledge it, it goes way beyond the Christian realm of forgiveness. The intolerant demand tolerance in the banana bureaucracy, for evil and sadistic crimes against humanity. I will practice intolerance for intolerable behavior by predators. I am unwilling to be a victim. I am unwilling to reward predatory, illegal, abusive constitutional rights violations by not holding the guilty parties accountable for it. If I forgive them for all that they have done, what will they expect to be forgiven for next?

    I know my rights, and I know the law, and I know that their violations of my constitutional rights is totally illegal, and so do they, which is why they refuse to admit that they are doing it. They are functionally illiterate, mentally incompetent, talentless serial criminal psychopaths trying to cheat their way through life, because they are too incompetent to play on a level playing field, and are undeserving of being forgiven by me.

    I would strongly discourage anyone from seeking “professional” help for depression, because the “professionals” in those fields strictly attempt to indoctrinate and condition their patients into accepting victimhood status and frequently through mind-numbing drugs designed to make victims more docile like a pet that will not fight back. I would also strongly discourage anyone from seeking support from 12 step programs like AA, bacause they all have the same mentality of blaming victims for their victimhood, and are really nothing more than an extention of mind control programs filled with extremely abusive people that perversely enjoy domineering over others and try to assume total command and control of every aspect of their lives. They want everyone to just accept being victims of abusers for the rest of their lives. If it is true that depression is anger turned inwards, they only increase it because they discourage victims from acknowledging the right that they have to be angry at perpetrators, or just agree and do not do anything about other than bill them for it, which really only helps the “professionals” and the perpetrators that are never held accountable, and they enable the perpetrators in doing so.

    If you were to read the AA Big Book, and the Twelve Steps and Twelve Tradions written by the sex-crazed, sex-addict, obsessed, and reckless Wall Street stock broker, Bill W., that had his spiritual awakening on LSD, craved alcohol till the day he died, and never had an honest moment in his entire life because he cheated on his wife throughout their marriage, and rationalized keeping it secret from her, ( for her own sake, ) in his twisted rationalization, he believed that he was doing her a favor by lying to her and hiding compulsive infidelity from her, after the crash of 1929 who obviously had a very strong motive for wanting people to blame themselves for being victims, you will see how twisted all of it is. Nobody needs an entire committee in order to stop doing something. They want people believe that they are so much in need of the bureaucracy, that they need an an entire bureaucracy in order to stop drinking alcohol. 

    I realize that it is very difficult for the individuals in the surveillance state to have to accept the fact that it is not possible for them to have the upper hand by behaving underhandedly, and if they were not severely mentally impaired, they would understand that.

    Andrea Iravani

  5. I realize that it is very difficult for the individuals in the surveillance state to have to accept the fact that it is not possible for them to have the upper hand by behaving underhandedly, and if they were not severely mentally impaired, they would understand that.

    Andrea Iravani

  6. Save The Bureaucrats!

    The Banana Bureaucracy is in Danger! 

    Donate Your Childrens’ Liberty, Justice, and Lives in order to Save the Bureaucrats !

    Do not hold the banana bureaucrats responsible for their own actions! It endangers them! Even though covid-19 does not exist, just keep on pretending that it does, because the Banana Bureaucrats may become extinct if people hold them accountable for their own actions! 

    Donate your childrens’ liberty, justice, constitutional rights, and lives to the Save the Banana Bureaucrats Fund and attend the fund raisers for them at any medical facility, academic center, house of worship, government office, news website, or either Bureaucratic Party Wing Nut Division at the DNC and RNC conventions!

    Andrea Iravani

  7. How long is this bullshit going to continue with the media pretending that covid-19 and its variants are not mytholigical viruses attributed to anything and everything? 

    The Goebbells propagandists,  medical mafia, government insurgents that have revolted against the civil authority of the United States Constitution, and the nazi eugenic concentration camp university mad scientists have all publicly indicted themselves in a conspiract mass murder through Munchausen’s Syndrome.

    Take responsibility for your actions and face the consequences, like responsible adults are expected to do.

    I am damned sick and tired of this uncivilized lawless banana bureaucracy. Why in the hell would anyone want anything to do with a society as dysfunctional, corrupt, evil, and as dangerous as this?! 

    I am so glad that I did not have children that would have to try to live with all of these uncivilized, savage, serial criminal psychopaths on the loose! 

    Andrea Iravani

  8. Share dilution appears to be in the forecast for share holders because
    CNN reported that S&P 500 profits are expected to rise 27.6%, while earnings are expected to rise 21.5%. More of the same. It just goes from bad to worse. I do not own stocks. The Stock Market is for chumps.

    Andrea Iravani

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