Where Is Joe Biden? POTUS Nowhere To Be Found As Harris Welcomes Japanese PM To White House

(Liberty Bell) – The fraudulent president Joe Biden is a very busy man, unfortunately there’s only so much he can get to in a day between his vigorous nap schedule and his age-appropriate bedtime of 7 pm.

So it should come as no surprise that he’s having his unpopular and unlikable VP step up to the plate and manage most of his presidential duties. Those duties include what seems like everything outside of signing executive orders.

Kamala Harris has been meeting with and taking phone calls with foreign leaders since the beginning of their fraudulent regime.

Last week, Harris welcomed Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to the White House while Joe Biden was, well, no one really knows where Joe Biden was or what he was doing. All we know is that he was nowhere to be found.

It certainly should raise some red flags that Biden has yet to meet with any foreign leaders. Where is he hiding? How can he just blatantly refuse these phone and virtual meetings and public appearances?

Something is most certainly not right.

Nonetheless, Harris doesn’t seem to have any qualms about stepping up and filling the president’s shoes, after all, that’s the radical left’s end game.

“It is now my great pleasure to welcome the Prime minister of Japan, and to thank him for this visit, which is the first visit to the United States of a world leader, um, since we came in office,” Harris said. “Uh, the President and I are very excited about the conversations we will have with the Prime Minister.”

“Um, as you know Mr. Prime Minister, just about a month ago during the Quad Summit, which was a meeting with the United States with our allies, Japan, with Australia, and with India, where we had extensive conversations about a collaboration and a friendship around some of the biggest challenges facing our world,” Harris went on.

While Harris is playing president, Biden is in bed by 7 pm every night. Most days he isn’t even seen doing anything more than being ushered around by Harris who appears to be more like his handler than the VP.

At the beginning of February, Harris began representing the US in meetings with foreign leaders with a call from Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Since then she’s been speaking on calls and video meetings with foreign leaders from around the world. Just last week she spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron.

The reason for Harris filling this role which is traditionally filled by the president has never been disclosed. We can only assume that it’s because Biden can barely string words together to form intelligent sentences without the use of a teleprompter.

While Harris’ cackle and blatant arrogance are insufferable, she still seems better suited for meeting with foreign leaders than Biden who is clearly suffering from dementia.

What is remarkable about this entire situation is the way in which the establishment media incessantly railed on about how President Trump was “breaking the norms” while he was in office.

It was one of their biggest talking points. Everything Trump did was some kind of “break from the norms” or traditions of the presidency.

Now we have a usurper president who, as CNN reports, starts work at 8 am and calls it a day by 7 pm every day. Most of his time is spent dodging reporters, being shuffled around from one meeting to the next by his babysitter VP Harris, and enjoying fires in the Oval Office, that is when he’s not signing executive orders.

If anyone has broken with the “norms” it would most definitely be Biden but don’t expect the lying mainstream media to be honest about anything going on during this regime. They have an agenda to push and they’re sticking to it.

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