WATCH: Runaway Texas Democrat Torched On Live TV By Fox News Host

(Liberty Bell) – As you’ve likely heard by now, Texas Democrats fled the state earlier this week to avoid having to vote on election integrity legislation knowing that it’s a battle they can’t win. Instead of staying and trying to stand their ground, they ran with their tail between their legs to Washington DC.

Texas Dem State Rep. James Talarico made an appearance on Tuesday’s broadcast of “Fox News Primetime” with host Pete Hegseth in an attempt to justify his and his fellow Dems actions.

This came after Talarico and his colleagues had a meeting with US Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) earlier Tuesday to come up with a game plan to subvert the will of the people of Texas.

Like most Democrats, the Texas state Dems think they know what’s best. The will of the people they represent be damned.

Voter ID is vastly supported by the majority of Americans from sea to shining sea and yet Democrats continue to fight against it and contend it’s “Jim Crow” to require American citizens to prove they are who they say they are to vote.

Democrats also continue to push their “big lie” that Joe Biden is the legitimate president and that the 2020 election was the “most secure” in all of history.

Within the first 20 seconds of the interview, Talarico invoked President Trump’s name and blamed him for the push by Republicans around the country to tighten up election security and integrity in their states.

“Wait, how did you make this about Donald Trump within twenty seconds?” Hegseth asked.

Talarico also contended that he took an oath to uphold the Constitution which Hegseth quickly pointed out gives authority over elections to the state legislatures, not the federal government. Hegseth questioned why Talarico and fellow Dems were in DC rather than in Texas.

Talarico claimed, “Texas is one of the hardest places to vote in the whole country,” and said his colleagues want to make the current bill they’re trying to block “less damaging, less harmful [and] less dangerous.”

Hegseth countered that the Republicans’ bill actually adds more time for voting and makes it easier for Texans to vote. He then asked if the real issue is just voter ID.

Naturally, Talarico dodged answering the question and instead went on to whine that the bill wouldn’t allow for voting locations to be open for 24 hours, to which Hegseth shot back, “Is voting at 2 in the morning the key issues?”

Hegseth went on to call out Democrats and their dishonest rhetoric regarding voter ID, highlighting how Joe Biden himself has called it “Jim Crow” and suggested it’s like the “Civil War.”

He asked Talarico, “Is there currently a single example you can provide me of a registered citizen voter in Texas that can’t vote if we’re fighting a civil war here?”

Talarico smugly responded, “Thankfully this bill has not passed yet,” implying that after it does pass there will be registered Texan voters who will not be able to vote.

Hegseth attempted again to get Talarico to abandon the talking points and give an actual answer, “If the bill passes will there be any minority or woman that’s not able to vote?”

Talarico continued to dodge answering the question because the answer is “no” and he knows it just like the rest of America knows it.

The Democrats’ fight against election integrity could not be anymore transparent. Nobody is buying the lie that Republicans are suppressing minorities with voter ID laws. It’s simply not true.

Hegseth asked Talarico outright if he was “okay with Voter ID” including for mail-in ballots and Talarico emphatically declared, “I oppose voter ID.”

There is only one reason and one reason alone to oppose such common sense election security and it goes hand-in-hand with the crisis on our southern border. Democrats want anyone and everyone to be able to cast a ballot in US elections regardless of whether or not they are a legal citizen.

It is the Democrats who are attempting to rig the system for good after stealing the 2020 election, and we all see right through their pathetic lies.

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