WATCH: Angry Joe Reaches For His Script When Grilled About Classified Documents

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden is the most skilled politician in Washington DC. He hasn’t accomplished a darn thing in his decades-long political career and has managed to avoid scrutiny for the many, many instances of ethical violations, at best, criminal activity at worst.

He doesn’t crack. When faced with tough questions he’s reached expert-level in the art of shameless denial and now that he’s a dementia-afflicted senior, he often engages in incoherent word salads that make no sense at all. No one shuts down questions into corrupt behavior like Joe Biden.

What’s even more impressive is the fact that Biden has managed to employ and surround himself with staffers who are equally good at shooting down the serious questions of journalists. Some of his nonsense responses are actually scripted.

During a press conference in California on Thursday, Biden was asked about his mishandling of classified documents.

He was barely coherent as he blatantly read his response from a prepared statement, saying, “I think you’re going to find there’s nothing there. I have no regrets,” Biden said.

He ended the statement by looking up, as if to prove the words were his own, and embarrassingly stated, “There’s no there there!” before storming off.

Prior to the question, Biden made it clear he was really “bugged” by reporters asking him about things outside of the “serious problem here.”

“What quite frankly bugs me,” Biden asserted, “is that we have a serious problem here we’re talking about. We’re talking about what’s going on, and the American people don’t quite understand why you don’t ask me questions about that.”

Huh? The man is utterly unfit to hold public office. Not only does he rarely speak coherently but he evidently doesn’t think the mishandling of classified documents is a serious problem. This revelation comes despite earlier insistence that he does take classified documents very seriously.

Classified documents have been found in his office at the Chinese money magnate, the Penn Biden Center in Washington DC, and in his personal Wilmington, Delaware, residence both in his “locked garage” and a room adjacent.

Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy asked about those documents at a news conference. “Classified material next to your Corvette? What were you thinking?”

Biden’s response? “My Corvette’s in a locked garage, OK? So it’s not like they’re sitting out on the street,” before going on to say that “people know” how serious he is about classified documents.

There’s nothing serious about Biden’s responses to the entire ordeal. It’s just downright embarrassing.

You’d think Biden would be a bit more concerned since the DOJ routinely prosecutes high-level officials for mishandling classified documents.

In 2013, retired Lt. Col. Benjamin Pierce Bishop was arrested and charged with unlawfully retaining documents related to national defense. He was also accused of sharing that information with a “27-year-old Chinese woman with whom he had a relationship,” VOA reported.

Bishop pleaded guilty and was sentenced to seven years in prison followed by three years of supervised release.

Retired Gen. David Petraeus, a former CIA chief, pleaded guilty to one count of unauthorized removal and retention of classified material. Petraeus was sentenced to two years of probation and given a $100,000 fine.

Former national security advisor Sandy Berger pleaded guilty to removing classified documents from the National Archives and Records Administration. He lost his security clearance for three years and was ordered to pay a $50,000 fine.

The Democrats and the Deep State have decided this is the way they will discard Biden who is no longer the useful idiot he once was for them.

It’s time for Joe Biden to actually behave like there is a serious problem because, for once, it’s looking like there actually just might be.

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