Viral: Glitchy Video Showing Biden’s Hand Doing Tricks With Reporters Microphones Has People Spooked

(Liberty Bell) – A video of Joe Biden briefly talking to reporters has the internet abuzz with conspiracies and jokes.

Biden was making his way towards Marine One on the South Lawn which was set to take him to Pennsylvania where he plans to promote the Dems $1.9 trillion radical progressive bill, aka the COVID-19 relief bill.

Along the way, a group of reporters stopped him and one asked if Biden had “any plans to travel to the southern border?” where there are currently droves of hundreds of thousands of migrants attempting to cross our border creating a crisis of historic proportions.

Of course Biden replied that he did not have any plans to visit the border, saying, “not at the moment.” It doesn’t appear that Biden has any plans to even so much as address the crisis along the border.

It wasn’t Biden’s response, however, that has sparked interest in the video, it was his hand. At one point it appears as though his hand passes right in front of the reporters’ microphones.

The video has caused many on the right to suggest that something more nefarious going was going on.

Some users suggested that a green screen was used which would allow for digital effects or other computer-generated imagery to be added after the fact.

Many believe that Biden is not the actual president and that it’s all just a big charade. This video only fueled those theories.

Naturally, “blue check” liberals on social media didn’t have much to say about the video while speculation from others ran wild.

“Notice the part where Joe Biden’s hands appear to ‘clip’ on top of the microphones. Most likely answer: Biden was either on a green screen of those microphones were edited into the video,” tweeted Conservative Daily.

“This video is really weird. Green screen?” tweeted one user. “Either Biden has special ‘ghostly’ powers or that’s a green screen of mics,” tweeted another, while “Joe Green Screen Biden. The veil has been pulled back more,” was the message from another user.

The video certainly does look really suspicious and it’s easy to see how those already skeptical of Biden and his health would see something more going on here and just maybe there was something more going on. Who can say for sure.

However, another clip of the same exchange was shared with a different angle and it clearly shows Biden’s hand in a normal position in relation to the reporters’ microphones. More likely than not the video clip showing his hand in front of the microphones was a strange anomaly.

Nonetheless, the responses are just further proof that the American people aren’t buying Biden’s presidency.

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  1. How do u expect the american people to buy any of this when the numbers of the elections CA NOT POSSIBLY MAKE ANY SINCE????? NOT HAPPENING 2+2 STILL EQUALS 4 NO MATTER HOW MENY TIMES U WANT TO TRY AND CHANGE IT, THE NUMBERS JUST DONT MAKE SINCE, SORRY NOT BUYING IT

  2. Looks like the mic was added after. As he walks away, its clear that one mic doesnt match – lighting and shadow around the mic are all wrong.

  3. His hand passes over that mic but the mic looks phony to start with. I don’t get what is going on for only that mic doesn’t look right. Everything else look okay.


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