Unhinged CNN Host Chris Cuomo States White People’s Kids Need To “Start Getting Killed” In Order For Police Reform To Happen

(Liberty Bell) – CNN’s ratings are going down the toilet. Project Veritas has successfully exposed them as the propaganda-pushing arm of the Democratic Party and now their credibility has gone out the window.

However, that isn’t stopping CNN personalities from spewing the most outrageous things and continuing to push disinformation, of course. They can’t just give up on their manufactured lies and sensationalism now even if the world knows the truth.

On Friday, Chris Cuomo went on a completely unhinged tirade asserting that police and gun reform will never happen until “white people’s kids start getting killed.”

During his show, “Cuomo Primetime,” the leftists sycophant host stated, “Shootings, gun laws, access to weapons. Oh, I know when they’ll change, [when] your kids start getting killed. White people’s kids start getting killed.”

He pretended to express what white people will supposedly feel when their kids start getting gunned down by the police in his absurd hypothetical scenario.

“What’s going on with these police? Maybe we shouldn’t even have police,” he said, adding, “That kind of madness. That kind of mania. That will be you. That will be the majority. Because it’s your people,” apparently speaking to his white audience members.

Who can stand to listen to this ignorant liberal talking-head condescendingly lecture Americans on bizarre hypothetical scenarios? He is truly insufferable.

At the start of his rant he suggested that soon we won’t even remember the names of “George Floyd” or “Daunte Wright” because they’ll be “replaced by so many others.”

He also asserted that white people point out the criminal offenses and their connections with violent gangs as a means to take “the onus off the idea that you’re wrong about policing needed to change.”

He mockingly stated, “comply or die” as if that’s the mentality of the police and white people.

While former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin stands trial for the death of George Floyd, tensions all across the country are reaching fever-pitch.

Not only has there been yet another mass shooting, this time at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, but rioters and protesters have been gathering together to cause destruction and chaos in the names of Daunte Wright and 13-year-old Adam Toledo who were both killed by the police.

Cuomo doesn’t want us to bring up the fact that both were refusing to be compliant with the police, Wright had a warrant for his arrest and attempted to flee police custody and Toledo is allegedly a known member of a violent gang and was armed when police shot him.

Cuomo would rather you just excuse their criminal behavior and focus on how racist and evil the police are.

Nevermind the fact that when 911 calls all around the country come in involving black on black violence, police officers are the first to respond and provide life-saving first aid and assistance to victims. Police are racist!

Nevermind the statistical fact that more white people are killed by police every year than black people.

The problem is not racism, it’s crime, but Cuomo knows this. He just can’t allow the truth to get in the way of pushing his agenda.

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  1. 911 911 911 911911 911 911 911911 911 911 911 911 911 911

    The Surveillance State Has Proven to Exist for the Purpose of Committing and Concealing its Own Crimes. All that Anyone Needs to do is Take a Look at this Country for Total Proof.

    Everyone in the government, and Trump have Munchausen Syndrome and are pretending that people have diseases that they do not have and that there is a medical emergency when the medical emergency actually is that everyone in the Medical Community has Munchausen Syndrome and are cold-blooded, mass murderers falsely diagnosing people and treating people on false grounds. These monsters are murderers. No sane person would prefer a Republican Murderer to a Democratic Murderer! Everyone in government has turned into Ted Bundy, and everyone in the medical community has turned into Joseph Mengele, and everyone in the media has turned into Josef Goebbells.

    People should stop pretending that they are not murderers with Munchausen Syndrome!  It only encourages them! Whoever wrote  or broadcasted pro government pro-politican, or official covid narrative articles over covid19 are an accessory to murder! It is not the same thing as pretending not to notice the run in someone’s stalking, or ring around their collar out of politeness when they are obviously already self-conscious about it.

    Society cannot function when the government, medical community, media, and tech sector, and Wall Street have conspired in extrajudicial murder or mass murder and that is exactly what has happened!

    You belong in a federal pennitentiaries! You are a threat to society! 

    If we let them get away with the cold-blooded, pre-meditated mass murder through Munchausen Syndrome of covid-19, the mythological virus, then they will still be able to continue mass murdering through Munchausen Syndrome in the future. Just because they are not shooting, stabbing, or strangling people does not mean that they are not serial killers, and they are serial killers that control the water supply, prescription drugs, and are moving into controlling the food supply! 

    They all belong in federal pennitentiaries for life! Nobody is safe while they are on the loose! This is not an over-reaction! Wake up retards! 

    All positive covid-19 tests are categorically false for the following reasons:

    1.) Covid-19 has not been isolated. The CDC has confessed that it does not have the genetic sequence to covid-19, or even SARS, for that matter.

    2.) All RT-PCR tests have been contiminated with N1, N2, and N3. N represents the highly prevalent enzyme known as neuraminidaise Neuraminidase is referrenced in influenzas, such as H1N1, H1N2, H1N3, etc. The test makers claim that these are primers, but they are contaminants. You could test distilled water and it could reveal a positive test result.

    3.) RT-PCR tests reverse transcribe RNA into DNA. All corona viruses are RNA viruses and do not contain any DNA what so ever. You cannot claim that you have identified something for what it is by turning it into something that it is not!

    Obviously, there is a diffference between an opinion and a fact, although most people are no longer willing to acknowledge the distinction between the two, because if someone gets the facts wrong, and it is pointed out to them, their feelings are hurt, which is now apparently the worst crime against humanity that anyone can commit.

    The fact that everyone involved has ignored these basic indisputable scientific facts reveals that they are guilty of fraud, racketeering, willful misconduct, and/or functional illiteracy.

    It is not enough or the equivalent to say that the CDC admits that the test results are not reliable. That implies that it was unforseeable and was learned in hind sight through discovery, but they are scientifically incapable of producing accurate results for the reasons that I stated, and that constitutes willful misconduct, fraud, mal practice, and/or functional illiteracy. 

    Andrea Iravani

    That goes for Hillary too, who has been pushing and probably racketeering and profiteering from the scamdemic through the Clinton Foundation.


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