Tucker Strikes Back As Pentagon Declares “War” On His Show After DOD Attacks His Comments On “Maternity Flight Suits”

(Liberty Bell) – Fox News host Tucker Carlson has been speaking truth from his 8pm time slot for quite some time now. It’s why he’s one of the most highly-rated hosts on the network. He doesn’t hold back on speaking facts and countering wild and absurd leftists claims and arguments.

On Wednesday night, Carlson expressed that the Biden administration is making a mockery of the US military by attempting to feminize it. He pointed out that Biden announced a range of actions his administration plans to take in order to make the military “stronger” but most of those actions only weaken it.

Among the actions the Biden administration plans to take are making “maternity flight suits” for pregnant women who are now allowed to fly non-combat craft into their second trimester.

On his show Wednesday night, Carlson made clear that he is “pro-pregnancy” and “open-minded” but also suggested that focusing on “maternity flight suits” might be a misstep for the Biden administration if they’re actually concerned about a strong military.

Carlson also pointed out that Joe Biden doesn’t care about having a strong military but rather one defined by identity politics.

The Pentagon responded to Carlson’s comments and launched a “large and coordinated” PR attack against his show.

Naturally, Carlson shot back saying that the Department of Defense has no business attacking his show or any other news show for that matter.

“Since when does the Pentagon declare war on a domestic news operation? I can’t remember that ever happening,” Carlson said during his show on Thursday night, adding “This is genuinely worrisome. The Department of Defense has never been more aggressively or openly political.”

Carlson is absolutely right about the direction Joe Biden is taking our military. Under President Trump the military was strong and focused on the defense of the US. Now, it’s being returned to the weak form it was under Obama where social issues seeped into the ranks of America’s armed forces.

The Biden administration also announced this week that the Pentagon will pay for “gender-reassignment surgery” for active duty personnel. Carlson appropriately wondered how sex changes in the military “make this country safer?”

It’s a valid and reasonable question but not one that Democrats care to ask. They’re too busy worrying about the feelings about the “truths” of those serving in the military as if that’s going to keep Americans safe.

“It’s a mockery of the US military,” Carlson aptly concluded.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby addressed Carlson’s comments on Thursday saying that the Pentagon won’t be taking “personnel advice from a talk show host or the Chinese military.”

Kirby then went on to praise the “diversity” of the US armed forces all but proving Tucker Carlson’s point.

The DOD also issued a news release which they bizarrely titled, “Press Secretary Smites Fox Host That Dissed Diversity in US Military.”

“‘Smites’ – like we’re a hostile foreign power,” Carlson commented. He added that he and his show would nonetheless “pass” on a confrontation with the military, joking that the DOD may have a “manpower advantage” over his news crew at Fox.

At no point was Carlson attempting to “advise” the US military. He was simply reporting on actions the Biden administration has announced they plan to take and questioned what any of it has to do with national security.

In 2021, however, no one outside of the leftist establishment is allowed to ask questions anymore. Diversity is king and if you don’t support it and get behind it, you’re apparently an enemy of the state.

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