Trump Drops Massive Hint About Possible 2024 Run — Liberals Will Cry Themselves To Sleep Over This!

(Liberty Bell) – Former President Donald Trump recently called in to Greg Kelly’s program on Newsmax, who, according to Infowars, asked him if he was planning to run for the White House again in 2024. This is the nightmare scenario that the left was going all out to prevent by impeaching the president and attempting to blame him for the January 6 riot at the Capitol building.

As it turns out, Trump didn’t come right out and say he was going to run again in 2024. However, he did note that there was a rather large group of Trump supporters that lined the streets of a route that the former president’s motorcade was traveling down on President’s Day.

Yes, quite a few Americans are still thrilled and excited about Trump. He was a man who did what no other politician would dare to do. He kept his word, fulfilling nearly all of his promises that were made to the American people. He also stood up boldly against the ruthless left-wing media machine that has been assaulting middle America for years now.

“We had a thing the other day where we were trucking along and all of the sudden we had literally thousands and thousands of people,” Trump said to Kelly. “I guess it was pretty well-covered [by the media], but mainstream doesn’t like covering it because, you know, it’s too positive.”

“There were thousands of people waving flags… the American flag, Trump flags… it was an incredible scene and they heard I was going to be going that way, that route, and it was an incredible scene and it grew out of nothing,” he added.

This isn’t the first time that Trump has left something like this up to his supporters. A lot of folks might be wondering what the point of having the former president run again if he’s just going to have the election stolen from him. However, it seems likely the left will have a much harder time pulling off this kind of voter fraud again.

Later on in the phone interview, Trump stated he’s purposely been keeping a low profile since leaving the White House and said that he’s heard folks saying that Twitter’s becoming “very boring” now that he’s been booted from the platform, adding that “millions of people are leaving” the social media giant.

“They’re leaving it because it’s not the same and I can understand that,” he said.

The former president acknowledged that he’s currently in talks with several social media outlets, but might end up creating one of his own.

Well, you can guarantee that all of his supporters will flood over to anything that has Trump’s stamp of approval, so if he does go with an existing platform, they are going to explode into the mainstream and really give the Big Tech companies a fair amount of competition.

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  1. The Cold Civil War

    The Surveilled Against the Surveillance State

    The Party’s Over! Welcome to the New Normal! Get Use to Being Hated, Distrusted, and Disrespected!  You’ve Earned It! 

    Why in the hell should anyone pay for a surveillance state that is full of peeping toms and peeping thomasitias, that tortures, terrorizes, steals, censors, and hacks and rarely if ever solves crime? Why in the hell would anyone ever trust anyone in it knowing all of that? Who in the hell do they think they are?! They are not unique and beautiful snowflakes! They are scumbags that belong in federal pennitentiaries for life!

    Facts and processing information are two more things that the surveillance state really sucks at, because if they had any facts and were able to process any information, they would know that they had not only failed business models, but also completely illegal business models, and that the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land.

    Before they decided to start businesses that were supposedly supposed to exist for the purpose of fact finding and information processing, those should have been the first facts that they processed. Will they ever get around to processing those facts? Only time will tell!

    Slow learners, or no learners? You be the judge!

    The battle against the surveillance state is a battle between good and evil from my perspective, after what the sick, sadistic, evil, serial criminal psychopaths in the illegal surveillance state have done to me.

    They have frequently stood outside of my home, saying “give up.” or
    loudly said it in their home which I could hear while I was in my home.

    I have no idea what they mean by that, but I will not give up, and why in the hell should I? I have the law, truth, and what is good on my side, and they have illegal behavior, lies and corruption, and evil and sadistic behavior on their side.

    Why in the hell would I want retarded criminals like them in my life? 

    Yes. If you are spying on me you are definitely a criminal and a sick, disgusting, creepy, perverted predator, and you are definitely also a total retard since you did not know that, and because you do not have anything better to do with your life than that! 

    All that they have to offer is misery, suffering, destruction, fear, and corruption, and I know that for an absolute fact because they would not be doing this to me if that was not a 100% true statement. They are terrorists, thieves, and sick perverted freaks.

    Another thing that they often say after I inform them of their illegality is “good luck” in an attempt to intimidate me into believing that I cannot survive without these predators that have illegally invaded my life and belong in federal pennitentiaries, but I do not need luck, because I am right and they are wrong. 

    The psychopaths in the surveillance state also regularly engage in sabotage which they have done to me, illegally sabotaging every aspect of my life. These are underhanded tactics. They are mentally incompetent serial criminal psychopaths that are inferior intellectually, morally, spiritually, and emotionally that absolutely refuse to accept that they are in no position to be trying to dominate anyone as a result of their numerous severe behavioral problems. They become sadistically obsessed with their victims, which they have done to me, and after it started happening to me, I started researching this and found it to be very common among their victims referred as TIs or targeted individuals. 

    God has warned about the surveillance state, and referred to it as the Tree of Knowledge, and the Catholic Church has written extensively about it. The spies become jealous of the people that they spy on and end up being driven into madness over it – Madness to the point that they are more than willing  to rack up an extremely lengthy criminal record just in order to sadistically destroy their victims even if they stand nothing to gain by it like psychopaths that key cars. 
    They are the most mentally deranged people on earth, and try to claim that their victims are mentally deranged and are imagining it, which they have done to me. They resent their victims also because of the upperhand that their victims have over them since what the spies are doing is completely illegal. They are living in another dimension. Everything is just a game to them. Their entire lives are complete hoaxes. Their goal is to destroy anyone that has anything that they are envious of, and anyone that rejects their sick, disgusting, illegal, creepy, peeping tom and peeping thomasita lifestyles, and they attack in groups like  a school of piranhas.

    They simply refuse to accept that they and their lifestyles are completely, sick, perverted, unacceptable, disgusting, illegal, and unnatural. They will destroy the entire world and anyone that rejects their lifestyle, rather than reform themselves. It is as if they are demonically posessed. They have God complexes and believe that they should control the entire earth, even though they have proven to be incapable of controlling their own criminal, and sadistic impulses. They are mostrous crazed lunatics, beyond anyone that has ever existed in the past, dwarfing monsters like Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot. They are on a mission to command total control over everything and everyone on earth in the most sadistic, evil, and unnatural means possible – cybernetically, in addition to owning everything and everyone. They have been very open about all of their plans since the early 1990’s, and tragically, most people enabled them by investing in them, working for them, the government colluding with them, healthcare and mental healthcare illegally colluding with them, and central banks and banks bailing them out repeatedly. Everyone that went along with it, did it because of their own greed. 

    I do not see the psychopaths in the surveillance state as individuals, other than as individuals that are predators that have violated my rights, and I have no desire, use, or need for psychopaths like that in my life. I make no distinction between the people that have violated my rights in the government, media, or in the neighborhood organized crime surveillance cult. These terrorist surveillance networks include InfraGard, COPS community organized policing, and the National Sheriffs Association dubbed as the NSA, and Anonymous, and other hacking groups. They have turned America into a failed state and an extremely dangerous country to live in. These psychopaths belong in federal pennitentiaries, and they would be in them if this was a legitimate country rather than a lawless kleptocracy and a failed state.

    It seems obvious to me that what they are doing to me is part of their ritualistic murder practices. 

    It is better to die fighting them than trying to live with them, because they intend to kill me, so I would not even to be able to live them IF I wanted to, and I absolutely do not want anything to do with them and their sick, disgusting, illegal, creepy lifestyles! 

    They tried their damnedest to try to turn it into a Democrat verses Republican, or socialist verses capitalist, or government verses citizens, or government verses corporations,or federal verses states, or liberal verses conservative, or race verses race, or religion verses religion, or class verses class, but for me it is all about surveillance state victims verses the surveillance state. A predator is a predator. The surveillance state has exhibited decades of predatory behavior. It is the nature of the beast.

    This is just the beginning of what the surveillance state has in store. They are planning to  continue the controlled demolition of every aspect of society, government, culture, and business and intend to implement absolute power and absolute enslavement and TIA aka Total Information Awareness and cybernetics. It will be a dystopian hell and horror by 2030 according to the WEF, “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” This is why they are acting so totally insane. It is deliberate. All of it… with the scamdemic, CRT, illegal aliens being given preferential treatment over U.S. citizens, men and boys being able to use womens and girls bathrooms, the forced shut down of mom and pop businesses during the scamdemic, etc.

    If you do not start fighting against the surveillance state immediately, you and your families will be totally enslaved by it, including mind reading technology by IBM, Apple, Google, the Wellcome Trust, and people like Zuckerberg, Gates, and Musk have been working on and Musk stated that he did not think that people will be communicating verbally in the near future, but telepathically, which is creepy as hell and dangerous, a passerby could know everything about you, your spouse, your children, or your parents, and steal everything that you have, or rape you, or steal your conceptions, etc.

    The internet and the surveillance state are two completely seperate things. The surveillance state existed prior to the internet. The surveillance state is trying to convince everyone that they are one and the same, because they lost control of the narrative and can’t handle competition since they are mentally incompetent and corrupt and simply want to shut down the internet in order to go back to the way that it was, or to illegally surveille everything and everyone, and steal everything that the surveilled create or discover. 

    The internet and companies that rely on it in most cases were not marketed as services or products that spied on their users, but they have done that illegally and illegally enslaved users that pay for their products, services, and have funded their services with tax dollars through the DoD. 

    Since surveillance devices exist in alarm clocks, smoke alarms, tvs, radios, cars, appliances and smart meters, disconnecting from the internet only results in silencing surveillance victims even further, and allowing the total life rape by the surveillance state to continue unabated.

    The surveillance state does not solve or prevent crime. The surveillance state perpetrates crimes against humanity.

    My aversion to and animosity against the surveillance state has been stead fast, which is why I voted for Ralph Nader, Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders, and foolishly Donald Trump in 2016 and George W. Bush thinking that they would fight and destroy the surveillance state that destroyed America, but both massively expanded it. In 2016, I did not vote for Stein because again, it was the vibe with her VP candidate, and I sensed that she lost her backbone and was becoming too corruptible, and the Paris Accord is all based on scientific fraud, which was a corner stone of her platform, and did not vote in 2020, and I did not vote in 2000, because George W. Bush started talking about waging false flag wars against the evil doers on election day, and I was going to vote for him, but attacking countries that did not attack us on false flag charges is also a violation of the constitution. I voted for him in 2004, because I did not know that the World Trade Towers were destroyed by deliberate implosion that the government colluded in, and that the Pentagon plane attack was also faked, and because Kerry was extremely corrupt. I should have voted for Nader then too. I voted for George HW Bush in 1992. Maybe I should have voted for Perot, but he simply seemed untrustworthy to me. It was just a vibe that I got from him. I did not vote for Sanders in 2020 because of corruption in healthcare and higher education, that I was unaware of in 2016, which were corner stones of Sanders policies. This is again a constitutional issue for individuals that are victims that gives a  get out of jail free card to predators acting in bad faith, so it is also a constitutional issue. Liberty without Justice leads to tyranny, which we have all witnessed with the covid hoax. The psychopaths have the liberty to be evil, murderous, corrupt tyrants. The rest of society has neither liberty or justice as a result of it. I voted for Dole in 96. I almost forgot about that election. If Perot hadn’t run in 92 & 96, the Republicans would have won those races. The only way that anyone as corrupt as Clinton ever could have gotten elected was by having a spolier candidate in both races. 

    So if people think that I am a lunatic nut whose voting record does not have any rhyme or reason, they are dead wrong. I support the constitution and the surveillance state ignores the constitution.  All other issues are secondary after the constitution as far as I am concerned. Perot received no electoral votes in either race, but did take many votes from Republicans. 

    1992          electoral votes    popular vote
    Clinton      370                          44,909,889
    Bush          168                          39,104,545
    Perot               0                          19,742,267

    Clinton     379                           47,402,357
    Dole          159                           39,198,755
    Perot             0                             8,085,402

    The surveillance state has turned the majority of Americans into psychopaths that violate the rights of others by illegally spying on them. Psychopathy by those in the surveillance state is the life threatening viral epidemic that has turned America into a lawless kleptocracy and failed state. It is wrong, illegal, sick, evil, and perverted. It has turned America into a country that I do not want anything to do with, 

    Andrea Iravani

  2. The poor useless, worthless, retarded little hackers that have been hacking into my stuff and using vault7 technology on me are too retarded to be able to hack into Russian and Chinese defense companies for the Avangard and Chinese hypersonic missile system, and will try to hack Amazon for free duct tape for F-35s and Black Hawks for 
    Super Duper Barrel Bomb drops instead. The Pentagon has requested that the hackers hack into the Pentagon though in the Hack the Pentagon program! Yes, they really requested that! They have decided that hacking into my appliances, lighting, and thermostat is more of a national security issue than obtaining missile systems from Russia and China. What ever will these ass clowns think of next? They think that they are intelligence agents, apparently. That is what they like to call themselves, “the intelligence community.” Sorry, but I simply do not see any evidence of that at all. It is more like a secretly low IQ losers, thieves, and perverted freaks club than anything even remotely resembling intelligence. Somebody finally had to say it. 

    They are so retarded that they believe that the way to become a home owner is by hacking into another home owners stuff, vandalizing, stealing, gas-lighting, stalking, torturing, and terrorizing them. The non retarded people know that that is not the way to become a home owner. Maybe the “intelligence community” leaders should send a memo to their 
    low IQ minions to let them know that that is the way to become a prison inmate, and not a home owner. 

    Since the Low IQ Losers in the surveillance state seem to have difficulty comprehending extremely basic things that normal or above IQ people understand, I thought that I would inform you of some extremely basic things pertaining both to human nature in general and the Supreme Law of the Land in The United States of America known as The Constitution. 

    Everybody hates people that violate their constitutional rights. Spying on someone is a violation of their 4th and 13th amendment rights. Stealing from someone is also a violation of their 4th and 13th amendment rights.

    Everyone hates Kleptocrats. Kleptocrats force their unwanted services on people, and force people to pay for the services that they do not want and usually do not use voluntarily, but may be forced to use such services even if they do not want to, and Kleptocrats violate people’s constitutional rights and refuse to enforce and abide by the constitution.

    Furtermore, intelligent people do not spy on American citizens for a couple of reasons. The number one reason is that they have better things to do with their time. They also realize that it is pointless, since there are so many American citizens, and they are unable to know if they are receiving accuarate information through spying, or if it is a red herring deliberately planted to throw the spies off track. Think of all of the times that the MSM has reported “anonymous sources” on certain things, and all of the times that they were wrong about what the  ” anonymous sources” were claiming. I think that the people in the media were spying on the government officials, and that what the media was claiming were red herrings and bait designed to entrap the spies in the media. The media has spied on me, and I am just an unemployed divorced woman in Grafton Wisconsin, so of course they would spy on government officials. Intelligent  people are also morally opposed to violating people’s rights. Intelligent people also realize that it is illegal, and intelligent people do not dedicate their life to illegal activity, because they do not want to go to prison for it. 

    There is no such thing as an Evil Genius. It is an oxymoron. That is why the word dark is used as a synonym for both evil and ignorance. There is such a thing as a sadist though. I do not know what drives people to it, but based on observations of what sadistic people have done to me, I believe that it is a form of megalomaia and narcissism that drives people to it, and that they feel inferior to their victims, and resent their victims for the victims superiority to them in any number of things. They simply hate people that excel in things that they are incapable of excelling at, rather than just focussing their efforts on becoming better people in what they can excel at, like any well adjusted adult would do. They may hate someone because they are more attractive, wealthier, more talented in one or more things, more intelligent than they are, in a higher position at work than they are in, has a better romantic partner, better parents, better children, better house, better car,  is more popular, or just about anything. They obsess over their victims to the point of being willing to destroy their own lives by committing to a life of crime for the purpose of destroying their victims. These are all things that have been done to me, by complete strangers in many instances. If you become a victim of such a sadistic psychopath, do not blame yourself. If you were not their victim, someone else would be. It is just the way that they are. Of course, abusers blame their vitims for the abuse that they inflict on their victims, and that is a well known fact. They do not take responsibility for their own behavior that way. The evidence of systemic sadism is rampant in America. People that key cars are a very good example of the level of systemic sadism in America. The person keying the car does not gain a single thing at all, and even risks ending up in prison for it. That is complete insanity, but it is tragically rampant, and keyed cars are just one example of how rampant sadism in America is. The way that the government was willing to completely finish themselves off in their monstrous attack on Assange is another example of this. They have made absolute monsters out of themselves, and have totally destroyed all credibility that they have even the slightest ambition of ridding the government of corruption and prosecuting corrupt goveenment officials. Assange is a reporter. If the government does not want people to report government corruption, then the government is obligated to totally end all corruption 100%. Government corruption is not a national secret. It is a national disgrace that has destroyed America, Americans, and much of the world. The government has no credibility at all. Absolutely none. It is 100% their fault. The government is so insanely obsessed with totally destroying Assange that they are eager to destroy themselves, their country, and their families. The government’s assault on Assange is an iron clad stamp of approval of corruption and human rights abuses and the concealment of corruption and human rights abuses.

    The sadistic psychopaths that have been  doing this to me are probably waiting for me to take responsibility for what they have done to me, which is a pipedream that is never going to happen, because I know my rights, and I know the law, and I know that they have no right to be doing this to me, and that what they have been doing to me is 100% illegal, which makes them hate me even more. Too damn bad. I have no desire to attempt to appease evil monsters that belong in federal pennitentiaries, not strictly for my benefit, but for society’s benefit overall.

    So, surveillance state and Kleptokrats, you picked a fight that you can’t win, because you picked a fight with The Law, which is not you, but is The United States Constitution. It is too bad that you are all so severely mentally incompetent that you do not comprehend these extremely fundamental concepts.

    So Kleptocrats and surveillance state, get used to being HATED! You’ve EARNED it!  You will never be accepted! You will always be rejected because you have rejected the American way of life and the Laws of America while living in America! You are rejects and losers through and through! 

    Andrea Iravani

  3. You will always be our President! We need you. Please stay involved. You love this country and it is because of you that we struggle to right the ship!
    The “Dark Agenda” must not prevail! Hoping God pulls the plug before that can happen!
    What if all the Christians were suddenly gone! Those left behind would be in a world of hurt!

  4. The sad reality that has been thrust upon We the People and the true elephant in the living room is the outcome the fraudulent election. When the enemies of the Republic and We the People are in control of elections and even when fraud is proven nothing is done about it, what then is left? What good do our elections do from now on with no one held accountable. How can our votes hold anyone accountable? Where are the investigations even with proof positive of impropriety, simply swept under the rug. No it’s going to take more than controlled elections for We the People to regain our Republic and our Constitutional rights. God bless America and may We the People be granted the wisdom to do what needs to be done to defend our Republic from those that seek to destroy it. I do also firmly believe that even those that didn’t appreciate President Trump will soon come to.

  5. January 20,2025 can’t come fast eneough. The disaster of a Biden/Harris administration will be over. Now if we can just get rid of “Adolf” Pelosi and “Herman Goering” Schermer

  6. We miss you Mr President,
    We need you to come back.
    I Pray for you and your Family every night.
    God Bless and be with you always.


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