Trump-Appointed Judge Releases January 6 Protester After Finding He Did Not Engage In Violent Behavior

(Liberty Bell) – Trump-appointed US District Judge Timothy Kelly released an Iowa man Tuesday who had been arrested on charges related to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Douglas Jensen, a man who allegedly ran toward a Capitol Police officer during the Jan. 6 ordeal was freed by Judge Kelly with the judge saying that it was a “close case” and that his involvement in the riot was “deeply concerning and quite serious.”

While Jensen was reportedly a part of the supposed “mob” that followed Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman up two flights of stairs inside the Capitol building, Judge Kelly recognized that Jensen, 41, was not facing any allegations of fighting, property damage or toppling barricades.

Judge Kelly ultimately made the decision to release Jensen on house arrest with electronic monitoring and banned him from using the internet on all electronic devices.

“That said, he clearly disobeyed Officer Goodman and other officers, and he did position himself near the front of a mob as he ran up the stairs toward Officer Goodman,” Kelly said. “That may be some leadership, but only in the narrowest sense.”

The judge further pointed out a video of Jensen referring to the Capitol building as the White House and concluded that Jensen could not have coordinated with anyone else or planned any kind of attack “when he had no basic understanding of where he even was that day.”

Prosecutors claimed that Jensen is a self-proclaimed “digital soldier” and “religious” adherent of QAnon. During the Capitol riot Jensen was apparently wearing a shirt that featured a large capital letter “Q” on it, in reference to the conspiracy theory-pushing group.

Jensen’s defense attorney, Christopher Davis, said Jensen went to Washington DC that day to observe what QAnon followers were predicting would be “The Storm,” the day in which Trump’s enemies would be rounded up and executed.

“He was in front of everyone for the now disclosed silly reason to get Q recognized for “The Storm” that was about to take place,” Davis wrote in a court filing.

Clearly the QAnon group was peddling some seriously baseless theories and predictions and it is a shame that anyone was following along and actually believing what was being pushed.

Jensen’s lawyer said his client “became a victim of numerous conspiracy theories that were being fed to him over the internet by a number of very clever people, who were uniquely equipped with slight, if any, moral or social consciousness.”

He also added, “Six months later, languishing in a DC Jail cell, locked down most of the time, he feels deceived, recognizing that he bought into a pack of lies,” Davis wrote.

Jensen is clearly not a violent or vicious criminal and was politically persecuted just like the rest of the Trump supporters who were at the Capitol that day who have been rounded up by federal law enforcement authorities.

Davis also suspects that Jensen has been added to a national no-fly list as he tried to book a plane ticket for his client but was not able to.

This is just further proof of the dangerous and real political persecution that is going on in America right now against conservatives and supporters of President Trump.

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