Trump And Biden Agree On Debate Rules: Here’s What To Expect

(Liberty Bell) – You don’t have to be a political nerd to be excited for the first presidential debate coming up on June 27th between President Joe Biden and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. Nor do you have to be an overly concerned citizen who understands the platforms of the two major party candidates in order to see if they will actually improve the state of our country once in office. Though, I highly recommend if you aren’t that kind of person you learn to be, the future of our nation is at stake.

You can, however, just tune into the debate for the sheer entertainment value alone. I assure you, nothing will be as riveting as watching former President Trump completely shred Joe Biden, who likely won’t even know where he is or why he’s in front of a podium. Oh yes, that alone is worth the viewing time.

Both candidates have finally decided on the terms of the debate, as per a report from The Western Journal.

“According to CNN — which will host the inaugural debate, despite not exactly being a haven for pro-Trump thought — both the Biden camp and Trump camp have agreed to a number of rules pertaining to the debate. Some of these rules are expected, while others are breaking from previously established norms,” the article said.

“One key rule that both sides have agreed to: All microphones will be muted unless a candidate is actually speaking, in an attempt to minimize out-of-turn interruptions. One minor rule that both sides have agreed to: Both Trump and Biden will debate from podiums, and podium positioning will be determined by a coin flip,” it continued.

Another rule that will most definitely pose a challenge for Biden is that neither of them will be allowed to use note cards or props. Biden has taken a lot of heat for employing the use of note cards during debates and events in the past. Anyone who has witnessed his use of these items is likely wondering how this rule is going to affect him. Especially since his cognitive abilities are clearly in decline.

There will also be no live audience in attendance for the debate. The only items the two candidates are allowed to have with them at the podium are a pen, pad of paper, and a water bottle. They will also not be allowed to interact with aides.

The debate is scheduled for 90 minutes, with only two planned commercial breaks.

“While those rules will all definitively apply to both Trump and Biden, a question lingers as to whether those debate rules will apply to any other presidential candidates, as well,” the WJ reported. “The aforementioned Kennedy, evergreen Green Party candidate Jill Stein and independent philosopher Cornel West are all also vying for a seat at the table, but it’s unclear whether any of them will actually make it.”

“All three candidates largely qualify for the debate, save for two key metrics: Candidates must appear on a sufficient number of ballots to theoretically hit the 270 electoral votes needed for a win, and candidates must hit 15 percent polling in at least four nationally recognized polls,” it added.

Kennedy comes pretty darn close to meeting the qualifications to be involved in the debate by nabbing 89 electoral votes. He’s also hit 15 percent polling in three national polls. However, both individuals still don’t fully meet the qualifications needed to participate.

Another debate is scheduled for September 10th.

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