Top Attorney Files A FOIA Request To Name Babbitt’s Shooter While DOJ Tries To Hide His Identity, Arrests Reporter Who Filmed Shooting

(Liberty Bell) – Norm Pattis, a very successful trial attorney, who has been described by the media as being “brilliant and audacious” and is considered to be a “legal top gun,” has filed a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain the name of the Capitol Hill police officer that shot and killed Ashli Babbitt during the civil unrest that unfolded on January 6.

According to Infowars, the Biden administration’s Justice Department has refused to release the name of the officer responsible for Babbitt’s death, nor are they going to press any charges against him, despite the fact they’ve admitted he had no reasonable cause to discharge his firearm against the Air Force veteran.

The Babbitt family attorney has promised to continue fighting on behalf of the family and has even suggested that civil litigation against the government and the police officer in question might be impending.

And if that’s not enough to convince you that the media, along with the DOJ, aren’t trying to cover for this man, how about the fact the Justice Department arrested a video journalist who captured clear video footage of the shooting?

Seems an awful lot like political persecution, doesn’t it? They really do not want the facts of this case to be out in the open. It helps expose their hypocrisy. If the victim had been black and the shooter white, the man would already be behind bars and awaiting a criminal trial.

“Questions still remain in the public’s mind over whether the officer’s use of force was justified. The United States Department of Justice obviously shared those concerns because it opened its own investigation into whether the officer should be charged with a federal crime,” wrote Pattis stated in the FOIA request. “That investigation concluded that the officer should not be charged, and the Department publicly announced its conclusion.”

“The public now desperately wants to know why the Department of Justice did not charge the officer. It also wants to know who that officer is,” the attorney explained. “The Department of Justice’s press release offers little information about how it reached its conclusion and the evidence supporting or disproving its conclusion. It offered no clue as to who the officer is.”

“The public’s interest in Ms. Babbitt’s unfortunate death at the hands of a Capitol police officer is more intensified than usual in light of the circumstances ongoing in the United States during 2020 and 2021. The public’s confidence in police officers, prosecutors, and other law enforcement officials is at an all-time low due to the numerous law-enforcement involved deaths that occurred in 2020 and 2021,” Pattis went on to say.

Journalist Tayler Hansen claims that he has actually been able to identify the shooter as Lieutenant Mike Byrd, the same fellow who once left his service pistol unattended in a bathroom and also claimed he “will be treated differently” due to his senior rank.

According to Hansen, Byrd is now in hiding and is not employed, nor living at his address.

“The FOIA request from Pattis, who is representing Jones and Infowars in the effort to obtain the information about Babbitt’s killer, comes one day after the FBI arrested and the Department of Justice charged Infowars video editor Samuel Montoya for entering the U.S. Capitol building on January 6. Acting in a journalistic capacity, Montoya recorded video of the protesters entering the U.S. Capitol, and continued recording as they walked toward the Speaker’s Lobby, directly outside the U.S. House chambers. Montoya captured clear video of the moment Babbitt was shot by the unnamed, uncharged Capitol Hill police officer,” Infowars reports.

“Charging documents reveal that Montoya was arrested over three months after he recorded the footage of Babbitt’s death when a family member gave information to the FBI identifying Montoya as the journalist who captured the video,” the report continues on.

Folks, could it be possible that the reason the leftist DOJ under President Joe Biden is trying to keep this matter on the down low is because the officer involved is black? We all know how this would have went down if the shooter had been white and the victim black. There would be protests and riots in the street, along with cries for justice.

Let’s hope that we find out for sure who is responsible for this tragedy and the individual who did it is held accountable for his actions.

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