Tim Allen, Star Of ‘Last Man Standing,’ Says He’s Glad President Trump ‘Pissed People Off’

(Liberty Bell) – Outspoken conservative comedian Tim Allen, star of the hit series, Last Man Standing, sat down for a chat on the “WTF With Marc Maron” podcast where he stated that he liked that former President Donald Trump “pissed people off.”

As you might imagine, this sent the world of social media into absolute hysterics, as happens anytime a celebrity has the gumption to state they supported Donald Trump and the things he said while he was in the White House.

According to BizPacReview, Allen’s current series is in its final season on Fox. The actor is now partnering up with his former co-star from Home Improvement, Richard Karn, on a show called Assembly Required, which is set to be a competition show that builds things and will be featured on the History Channel.

At some point in the discussion, Allen was asked if he thinks of himself as an “old school conservative” instead of a “right-wing wack job.”

“Once I started making money I had this silent partner that just took almost half of my money and never gave me anything for it and that was the taxes,” Allen said in reference to the federal government. “I’ve never liked taxes…That’s it, I don’t like it. I work pretty hard for this stuff and I accomplished a lot and I was handicapped by my own errors. It’s all my fault, I get that. But I had this silent partner. I never liked taxes.”

Allen went on to state that he’s always been a “fiscally conservative person with money,” but says he’s always hated the American tax system. He then went on to reveal why he’s not someone who chooses to talk politics openly. He states that it’s because he has not become part of the “we” culture.

“I literally don’t preach anything,” Allen said. “I’m not telling anybody else how to live. Once I realized that the last president p***ed people off, I kind of liked that. So it was fun to just not say anything, [I] didn’t join into the lynching crowd.”

What might surprise a lot of the more conservative fans of Tim Allen is the fact that he’s friends with the Clinton family. Still, despite sharing a friendship with them, he didn’t feel that Hillary should have run for the White House.

“Bill Clinton has been a very genuinely nice guy to me. When he was president, I sent them Christmas stuff from Disney. I sent all the movies we did. I sent it to Bush too and I sent it to the Obamas. I just didn’t think Hillary should have been president. In the end, you go the other direction. I said, ‘It’s nothing personal about it. If you don’t like it then wait til the next election,'” he said.

Allen went on to address his behavior on set, stating that his management team and his wife has called him out for too much cussing.

“Sometimes I’m in that mood. I’m not doing it to piss anybody off. I don’t know what it is with me and language sometimes. I say on stage it’s lazy. There’s probably a better word,” Allen explained. “I’m kind of mean onstage, which I love. One of my favorite bits is about kids…The fact that I make jokes of kids and truly the kids in my neighborhood sense this and they’re like cats. The more they know I don’t like them, the more they hang around me.”

“I would never hurt a child or do anything inappropriate but I like being the smarta– and getting right in their face and go, ‘Are you looking at me? Stop looking at me,'” The Last Man Standing actor said.

It’s shocking to know that he’s friends with the Clintons, but that’s his personal business. The point here is that Allen understands that we’re in a place in culture where folks are getting fed up with not being able to speak their minds. Thus, when a gruff fellow like Trump comes along and speaks boldly and openly, it fires that group of people up a bit.

And right now, we kind of need that in our crazy cancel culture society.

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  1. The federal taxation system also known as the income tax system is what it has always been a license to steal from the hard working and I do mean WORKING Americans just RIP it right out of our pockets and expect us to feel good about it.The income tax system was droped on the backs of working Americans in WW2 As a temporary tax to help support the war effort and would be abolished after the war was over
    War Ended and Temporary Income tax did not end and never will because no one knows of a single Tax Federal state city or county that has been posed as Temporary and then was abolished as promised.it has never happened and never will.A fare tax system is most certainly needed to pay for our military and local Law Enforcement and safety and streets Roads and Hwys and health and sanitation and infrastructural needs but on all levels of Taxation Today we have to many Chiefs and not Enough Indians. We need more givers and not so many takers especially fat cat millionaire politicians getting richer off of hard working Americans and trying to tell the people they actually work for how to live our lives all the while stealing the Penney’s off of blind and dead Americans Eyes. JGB

  2. He’s a refreshing celebrity in that he admits his faults and doesn’t follow the “we-attitude”. I am enjoying the new series on the History Channel called Assembly Required, which doesn’t require one to even be a tool user but just enjoy watching people build. Like Tim Allen, I don’t like sharing such a large part of my earned income with the government in form of taxes. I wonder when he last visited the Clintons’ home.

  3. He is correct about that partnership of theft by our complicit governances thru taxation, which eventually goes everywhere, but back to support the taxpayers citizens, that were forced to pay them in the first place!

  4. Yes we need need more people to speak up. Trump was a great president. He did things that put America first. We need more people like Allen and trump not the sheep that follow the cancel culture.

  5. I like President Trump because he speaks his mind whenever he wants to do she does it for the better of the country all the Democrats all they want to do is destroy for us to hang on to the Democrat with a hand out these Donald Trump put all countries on alert we are being attack not in war but everything else a money donation giving the people believe we understand that we are Humane but I’m he was the president he had our back and he be once again I will vote for him even though I’m a Democrat because she done good for this country but from day one the Democrat try to destroy him but he stood on his Brown yes he fired people that didn’t agree with him yes he fired people that talked about him he should get rid of all the people that speak bad about him and start with a new roof but like you said he’s not going to do another group this is my this is my thought I hate to see do United States go down to the toilet

  6. My Family and I truly appreciate Tim’s program. Our Country needs more people like President Donald J Trump and Tim Allen.


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